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Helping Employees Recover Unpaid Wages

Under California law there is a strong public policy which favors full and prompt payment of wages due to employees.  The reason for this is that wages are not ordinary debts of the employer like rent, insurance, or utilities.  The law gives wages special treatment because of the economic position of the average worker and, in particular, his or her dependence on wages for the necessities of life for himself or herself.  Because of this dependence it is essential to the public welfare for employees to receive their pay when it is due.  If you are in the Los Angeles area and have a question about when your wages are earned, due, or owing an unpaid wage lawyer in Los Angeles can help. Call one of our employment attorneys to discuss your specific situation.  Our employment lawyers handle unpaid wage cases throughout Southern California. If you need an unpaid wage lawyer in Los Angeles or any of its surroundings, give us a call.

Enforcing Employee Rights to Receive Wages

The question of when exactly the payment of wages is due, is not always easy to answer.  The timing of the payment of wages while the worker is employed depends on that employee’s status as hourly, salaried or commissioned, and on whether the compensation at issue is wages, bonuses, benefits or vacation pay. Therefore, if you feel your rights may have been violated and need to speak with an unpaid wage lawyer in Los Angeles County, the Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. may be able to help.  Our unpaid wage attorneys have substantial experience representing employees in unpaid wage cases and can help you secure the wages that you have earned. Contact us today for a complimentary case evaluation.

Speak Directly With A Los Angeles Unpaid Wage Lawyer

If you work in Los Angeles you can attempt to find an unpaid wage lawyer by using search terms like “best unpaid wage lawyer Los Angeles” or “unpaid wage attorney Los Angeles” or “best unpaid wage lawyer near me” but you might end up dealing with a legal assistant without getting an actual attorney on the phone.  To speak directly with an unpaid wage lawyer personally, contact us today, and speak to one of our unpaid wage attorneys.

Seasoned Unpaid Wage Attorneys By Your Side

The unpaid wage lawyers at the Akopyan Law Firm, A.P.C. have experience handling unpaid wage cases both in civil and administrative actions.  If you believe that your right to timely payment of wages has been violated call us today!  Case evaluations are always complimentary.  Our unpaid wage lawyers in Los Angeles County can advise you of your rights, and recover any wages that you are owed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Unpaid Wages

Can my employer force me to sign a waiver of my right to receive unpaid wages?

No, not unless there is a dispute over what is owed. In general, an employer cannot require the execution of a release of a claim on account of wages due, or to become due, or made as an advance on wages to be earned, unless payment of those wages has been made. A release that violates this requirement is null and void as between the employer and the employee. Therefore, before you sign any release or waiver of your right to receive unpaid wages you should contact an unpaid wage attorney to discuss the release.

Is health insurance considered a part of my wages?

Benefits to which an employee is entitled as part of his or her compensation are treated as “wages.”  If you have a more specific question about unpaid benefits please contact one of our employment law attorneys in Burbank to discuss your specific situation. We offer complimentary case evaluations.

How much time does my employer have to give me my last check if I quit?

An employer who discharges an employee must immediately pay all compensation due and owing.  However, when an employee “quits” employment, the employer must pay all compensation due and owing within 72 hours of resignation, or on the employee’s last day of work if the employee gives more than 72 hours’ notice of resignation.

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