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What is sexual harassment?
Sexual harassment is any conduct based on a person’s sex that is offensive and which members of the opposite sex are not exposed to. It can include sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. In California, the Fair Employment and Housing Act forbids employers, supervisors, and co-workers from sexually harassing you in the workplace. In some situations, your employer may even be liable under Title VII for the harassment of their customers or clients, where your employer is aware of the problem and fails to immediately fix the problem. There are various factors that go into this consideration.

What if my supervisor does not make comments to me directly but makes them to other female co-workers in my presence?
Depending on the circumstances, you may have a claim for sexual harassment even if the comments are not made directly to you. This can be particularly true depending on the severity of the harassment in question. Every situation varies, so contact a Burbank sexual harassment attorney at the Akopyan Law Firm to discuss your specific case.

Can I be a victim of Sexual Harassment if my supervisor or co-worker is of the same sex as me?
Yes, under both Title VII and the Fair Employment and Housing Act, sexual harassment can occur between members of the same gender as long as the harassment amounted to discrimination because of sex and not some other characteristic. For example, male supervisors and coworkers who subject a male employee to humiliating sexual actions, including threats of physical assault and threats of rape, may be sued for sexual harassment even if they are of the same sex.

My supervisor is showing favoritism to someone he is dating even though I am more qualified. Do I have any rights?
Depending on the circumstances, your supervisor may be violating the law. You may have an actionable claim of sexual harassment under the Fair Employment and Housing Act by demonstrating that widespread sexual favoritism was “severe or pervasive” enough to alter your working conditions and create a “hostile work environment.”

Can a single incident be enough to qualify as illegal sexual harassment?
Yes, depending on the circumstances, a single comment, physical touch, or gesture may qualify as illegal sexual harassment, especially if your employer does not take immediate steps to correct the problem.

If I complained to my employer and they did not do anything to fix the problem, do I have any rights?
In California, it is illegal for an employer who “knows or should know” of the sexual harassment to fail to take immediate steps to prevent or remedy the problem. In addition to claims for sexual discrimination and sexual harassment, you may also have a claim for failure to prevent sexual harassment. Schedule a complimentary case evaluation with our Burbank sexual harassment attorneys to discuss your situation.

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Sexual harassment is inappropriate and offensive conduct that is severe and pervasive based on an individual’s sex. It can take the form of unwelcome sexual advances or physical conduct, from inappropriate sexual jokes to unwelcome touching or grabbing of a sexual nature. Under California law, offensive conduct does not need to be motivated by sexual desire but can also be based upon actual or perceived sex or gender identity, orientation, pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions. Victims of sexual harassment can seek justice with the help of a sexual harassment attorney.

From the legal definition, sexual harassment can take on different forms of offensive behavior, each having serious impacts on a victim. A sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles will be able to help victims navigate the legal proceedings of filing a sexual harassment charge; they will also be by the victim’s side with compassionate representation. Working with a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney will ensure your rights are represented to the fullest extent of the law.

Sexual harassment can happen to anyone of any gender and age. Sexual harassment can even happen where the victim and offender are of the same sex. Identifying harassment and responding to it is crucial to protect the physical and mental wellbeing of victims. There are several factors that come with identifying a sexual harassment case, and a sexual harassment lawyer will be able to assist victims in assessing the situation. The Akopyan Law Firm’s sexual harassment attorneys in Los Angeles are dedicated to protecting your rights. No one needs to suffer in silence. Our sexual harassment attorneys are here to help you every step of the way.

Our team of sexual harassment attorneys in Los Angeles, CA, are prepared to fight for your rights and help you seek compensation. Our team is experienced in the area of sexual harassment in the workplace, and our lawyers have fought for millions in compensation for employees. Sexual harassment in the workplace creates a hostile work environment and exploits an employee based on their gender identity or sex. In some cases, employees are forced to tolerate sexual harassment in order to keep their job. Sexual harassment is illegal by California law. In fact, it is illegal for a supervisor to ignore or not take immediate action to remedy or prevent sexual harassment from happening in the workplace. If you are a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace and your employer has not responded to your complaint, or you are afraid to speak out, contact a “sexual harassment lawyer near me” immediately to discuss your situation.

It is not uncommon for victims of sexual harassment to undermine their experience or make excuses for the offender. Sexual harassment is inexcusable and, more importantly, illegal. Sexual harassment should never be tolerated. A single incident may be enough cause for an employee to seek legal representation from a sexual harassment attorney. If you are a victim of sexual harassment and are looking for “sexual harassment attorneys near me,” give our team a call at (818) 509-9975 for a free Case Evaluation.