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The Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. stands ready to fight for the rights of workers in Alhambra dealing with discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, or other illegal conduct in the workplace. The firm also stands ready to provide small businesses in Alhambra economical and efficient solutions to problems involving employment law.  Our substantial experience in approaching employment disputes from both sides gives us rare insight into the mindset of the opponent, which truly goes a long way to achieving the best possible outcome.

About Alhambra, California

Alhambra is a City in the County of Los Angeles, which is located in the San Gabriel Valley east of downtown Los Angeles.  Alhambra is home to more than 90,000 residents.  Alhambra covers almost eight square miles and encompasses the following zip codes: 91801, 91903, and 91804. The San Gabriel Mission was founded nearby on September 8, 1771, as part of the Spanish conquest and occupation of Alta California. In 1820 Mexico won its independence from the Spanish crown and lands once ruled by them became part of the Mexican Republic. These lands then transferred into the hands of the United States following Mexico’s defeat in the Mexican–American War. A wealthy developer, Benjamin Davis Wilson, married Ramona Yorba, daughter of Bernardo Yorba, who owned the land which would become Alhambra. With the persuasion of his daughter, Ruth, Yorba named the land after a book she was reading, Washington Irving’s Tales of the Alhambra. Alhambra was founded as a suburb of Los Angeles that remained an unincorporated area during the mid-19th century. On July 11, 1903, the City of Alhambra was incorporated. Alhambra is promoted as a “city of homes”, and many of its homes have historical significance. They include styles such as craftsman, bungalow, Spanish Mediterranean, Spanish colonial, Italian beaux-arts, and arts and crafts.

Alhambra’s main business district, at the intersection of Main and Garfield, has been a center of commerce since 1895. By the 1950s, it had taken on an upscale look and was “the” place to go in the San Gabriel Valley. While many of the classic historical buildings have been torn down over the years, the rebuilding of Main Street has led to numerous dining, retail, and entertainment establishments. Alhambra has experienced waves of new immigrants, beginning with Italians in the 1950s, Mexicans in the 1960s, and Chinese in the 1980s. As a result, a very active Chinese business district has developed on Valley Boulevard, including Chinese supermarkets, restaurants, shops, banks, realtors, and medical offices. The Valley Boulevard corridor has become a national hub for many Asian-owned bank headquarters, and there are other nationally recognized retailers in the city. The Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. is headquartered in Burbank which is minutes away from Alhambra.  Thus, our lawyers stand ready to serve employees and employers in Alhambra with all their employment law needs.

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Finding the right labor lawyer in Alhambra is not always easy. There are many different firms to choose from but the approach of each firm varies significantly.  Not every employee attorney in Alhambra will be a good fit for every case.  Some employment lawyers may prefer a quick and easy low value settlement over a big drawn-out fight which can eventually lead to a full value resolution. An internet search for “Alhambra employment lawyer” or “wrongful termination attorney in Alhambra” will likely produce paid advertisements from tons of lawyers who would be happy to take the easy approach. The goal of the Alhambra, California labor lawyers at the Akopyan Law Firm is to achieve the best possible outcome for each client regardless of how big of a fight it would take to get there.  Our commitment to performing quality work on every case requires us to limit our practice to a certain number of cases, but every employee who becomes our client is treated like family.  We are proud of the first class personal service we provide, but we do not want you to take our word for it – See what our clients have to say!  The relationships we build with our clients often outlast the life of the case.  Our Alhambra employment lawyers fight passionately for our clients as confirmed by the excellent results they have achieved. If you are looking for employment lawyers in Alhambra, call us today for a complimentary case evaluation.

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Overtime Laws for Motion Picture Industry Work Hours

The motion picture industry is renowned for its creativity but behind the scenes, labor regulations play a crucial role in ensuring employee well-being. Maximum Work Hours Regulatory Framework: Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Order No. 12 applies to the motion picture industry. The motion picture industry broadly includes any industry, business, or establishment operated for the purpose of the motion picture or television film production, or primarily allied with theatrical or television, motion picture productions, including but not limited to motion pictures for entertainment, commercial, religious, or educational purposes, whether made by film, tape, or otherwise. Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Order No. 12 which can be found at 8 Cal Code of Regs § 11120, provides that employees in the motion picture industry may work a maximum of 16 hours in one day, including meal periods. Flexibility for Production Needs: The 16-hour limit provides flexibility for dynamic production schedules, accommodating the unique demands of the industry. Safety Considerations What’s Included: The maximum limit includes meal periods, emphasizing the importance of breaks for employee rest and nourishment. The Importance of Rest: The regulation recognizes the physically and mentally demanding nature of the industry, prioritizing rest and well-being. Legal Protection and Enforcement Employee Rights: Employees have rights under these regulations, empowering them to advocate for fair treatment. Enforcement: The California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement oversees compliance, ensuring penalties for non-compliance. Additionally, an employee can maintain legal action directly against his or her employer. In the dynamic world of the motion picture industry, adherence to work-hour regulations strikes a balance between creative demands and employee well-being. As the industry evolves, prioritizing the health and safety of its workforce ensures a thriving future for cinematic arts. Akopyan Law Firm, A.P.C. Stands Ready to Help Clients in Southern California Akopyan Law Firm, A.P.C. is an employment law firm serving clients across Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, and the surrounding areas. We are proud of our testimonials and case results, which show the depth of our expertise. If you are involved in a dispute involving work hours for the motion picture industry, our experienced employment lawyers stand ready to help. Click here to read everything you need to know about overtime pay.

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$240 ThousandEmployment: Sexual Harassment
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$125 ThousandEmployment: Disability Discrimination
$125 ThousandEmployment: Medical Leave Retaliation
$120 ThousandEmployment: Unpaid Commission Wages
$120 ThousandEmployment: Retaliation
$120 ThousandPersonal Injury: Automobile Collision
$107 ThousandEmployment: Whistleblower Retaliation
$100 ThousandEmployment: Failure to Accommodate
$100 ThousandEmployment: Wrongful Termination
$100 ThousandPersonal Injury: Bicycle Collision
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