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I go to church on Sunday mornings and lately my manager has been demanding that I cover the Sunday morning shift. Do I have any rights? 
Yes. Both the Federal law called Title VII and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibit discrimination based on religion and require employers to make “reasonable accommodations” for their employees’ religious beliefs that are associated with traditional religions, as well as religious observances and practices.

My manager is always making jokes and comments about my religion, which I find offensive. Do I have any rights?
Yes, much like with other forms of harassment, the Fair Employment and Housing Act makes it unlawful for your employer or supervisor to harass you based upon your religion. If the comments are frequent and severe, then your manager and employer may have engaged in unlawful religious discrimination.

My boss wants me to work on Sabbath, do I have any rights?
Yes. Employers are required to make “reasonable accommodations” for their employees’ religious beliefs that are associated with traditional religions, as well as religious observances and practices. In particular, the Fair Employment and Housing Act specifically protects observance of a Sabbath or other religious holy day or days, as well as reasonable time necessary for travel before and after a religious observance.

While I was working for my employer, I converted my religion and requested to be off on Sundays for religious reasons but my employer refused. Do I have any rights? 
Yes. Generally, your request for a day off for religious services or observation is a “reasonable accommodation” which your employer should provide, unless it can show that it would pose an “undue burden” on its business operations. Of course, every situation is different, so schedule a complimentary case evaluation with our religious discrimination attorneys in Burbank to discuss your case.

Every day at 2 p.m., my boss forces everyone at work to stand together, hold hands and pray. I have told her that I do not want to participate, but she makes me do it anyway; do I have any rights?
Generally, it is unlawful harassment to force an employee to follow an employer’s religious beliefs. If your employer’s actions are causing you to experience a “hostile work environment,” then you may have a claim for harassment.

The company I work for does not permit me to wear a headscarf, which I wear for my religious beliefs, because it claims that doing so would violate the company’s dress code. Do I have any rights? 
Yes. Generally, employers are required to provide accommodations, including permitting religious dress practice (such as wearing or carrying religious clothing, head or face coverings, jewelry, artifacts, and any other item) that is part of the observance by an individual of his or her religious creed.

I quit my job because my supervisor would often make derogatory comments about my religion and would give me the hardest assignments to perform, while he gave the easier assignments to others. Do I have any rights? 
Yes, under these circumstances, by engaging in continuous religious creed discrimination and harassment, your employer may have forced you to constructively discharge. The employment law attorneys in Burbank at the Akopyan Law Firm can discuss your situation with you during a complimentary case evaluation.

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