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The Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. stands ready to fight for the rights of workers in San Pedro dealing with discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, or other illegal conduct in the workplace. The firm also stands ready to provide small businesses in San Pedro economical and efficient solutions to problems involving employment law.  Our substantial experience in approaching employment disputes from both sides gives us rare insight into the mindset of the opponent, which truly goes a long way to achieving the best possible outcome.

About San Pedro

San Pedro is a neighborhood within the City of Los Angeles. It covers approximately twelve square miles.  Formerly a separate city, it consolidated with Los Angeles in 1909. The Port of Los Angeles, a major international seaport, is partially located within San Pedro.  San Pedro is home to more than 80,000 residents. San Pedro was named for St. Peter of Alexandria, as his feast day is November 24 on the ecclesiastical calendar of Spain, the day on which Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo discovered the San Pedro Bay in 1542.

Port of Los Angeles: San Pedro is home to the Port of Los Angeles, one of the busiest and largest ports in the United States. It plays a crucial role in international trade and commerce and is often referred to as the “Gateway to the Pacific.”

Historic Downtown: San Pedro’s historic downtown area features well-preserved 19th and early 20th-century architecture. Visitors can explore historic buildings, art galleries, shops, and restaurants along Sixth and Seventh Streets.

Cultural Attractions: The neighborhood is home to several cultural attractions, including the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, the Battleship USS Iowa Museum, and the Los Angeles Maritime Museum. These institutions celebrate the area’s maritime history and marine life.

Portuguese Bend: San Pedro is close to the Portuguese Bend landslide area, which is known for its unique geology and stunning coastal vistas. The area features scenic hiking trails with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Point Fermin Lighthouse: The Point Fermin Lighthouse, built in 1874, is a historic landmark that offers tours to visitors interested in learning about the history of lighthouses and maritime navigation.

Korean Bell of Friendship: Located in Angel’s Gate Park, the Korean Bell of Friendship is a massive bronze bell gifted to the United States by South Korea in 1976. It symbolizes the friendship between the two countries and offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

Vincent Thomas Bridge: The Vincent Thomas Bridge, connecting San Pedro to Terminal Island, is an iconic structure known for its distinctive green color. It’s a vital transportation link for the port complex.

Community Festivals: San Pedro hosts a variety of annual festivals and events, including the San Pedro Lobster Festival, the LA Harbor International Film Festival, and the Spirit of San Pedro Holiday Parade.

Fishing Industry: The fishing industry has played a significant role in San Pedro’s history. Today, the neighborhood’s Fisherman’s Wharf and 22nd Street Landing are popular spots for fresh seafood and fishing excursions.

Diverse Community: San Pedro is home to a diverse population, with residents representing various cultural backgrounds. It has a strong sense of community and local pride.

Filming Location: San Pedro’s picturesque coastline and historic architecture have made it a popular filming location for movies and TV shows, including scenes from the film “Chinatown.”

Waterfront Promenade: The San Pedro Waterfront Promenade offers a scenic walk along the harbor, with views of the ocean, ships, and the iconic Vincent Thomas Bridge.

San Pedro’s maritime history, cultural attractions, and natural beauty make it a unique and fascinating neighborhood within the city of Los Angeles. Whether you’re interested in exploring its maritime heritage or enjoying its coastal scenery, San Pedro has much to offer residents and visitors alike. With offices in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino, the Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. is just minutes away from San Pedro. Our employment lawyers stand ready to provide world-class services and top-notch representation to the residents of San Pedro.

The Best San Pedro Employment Attorneys – Who Are They And How To Find Them

When it comes to finding the right labor lawyer in San Pedro, it’s not always a straightforward task. The abundance of law firms in the area can make the decision-making process quite challenging. What complicates matters further is that not every employment attorney in San Pedro is a suitable fit for every case. Some legal professionals might be inclined towards quick and easy low-value settlements, prioritizing convenience over the pursuit of a more significant, full-value resolution.

If you conduct an internet search for “employment lawyer San Pedro” or “wrongful termination attorney in San Pedro,” the results are likely to flood you with paid advertisements from numerous lawyers who may be eager to take the path of least resistance. However, at the Akopyan Law Firm, A.P.C., our approach is distinct. Our dedicated team of San Pedro employment lawyers is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for every client, irrespective of the level of difficulty involved in the legal battle.

Our unwavering dedication to delivering quality work on every case means that we intentionally limit our caseload to ensure that every employee who entrusts us with their legal needs receives the personalized attention and care they deserve. We are genuinely proud of the top-tier personal service we offer, and we don’t expect you to simply take our word for it. We invite you to see what our clients have to say about their experiences working with us. The relationships we forge with our clients often extend well beyond the conclusion of their cases, emphasizing the enduring trust and mutual respect we cultivate.

Our San Pedro employment lawyers are known for their passion and commitment to our clients, a fact underscored by the excellent results we consistently achieve. So, if you find yourself in search of employment lawyers in San Pedro, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for a complimentary case evaluation. At the Akopyan Law Firm, we’re not just legal professionals; we’re your allies in the pursuit of justice and fairness in the workplace.

We Can Accept Representation On Behalf Of San Pedro Residents In Cases Involving:

Featured Employment Case

Zeinali v. Raytheon Co., 636 F.3d 544, 546 (9th Cir. 2011)

Plaintiff–Appellant Hossein Zeinali, who is of Iranian descent, was employed by Defendant–Appellee Raytheon Company for approximately four years. He alleged, inter alia, that Raytheon violated the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), Cal. Gov.Code § 12940 et seq., by terminating him on the basis of his race and national origin after he was denied a security clearance by the Department of Defense. Raytheon contends that (1) per Department of the Navy v. Egan, 484 U.S. 518, 108 S.Ct. 818, 98 L.Ed.2d 918 (1988), federal courts lack jurisdiction to decide discrimination cases involving security clearance decisions, and (2) Zeinali has not introduced any evidence to satisfy his burdens under McDonnell Douglas Corp. v. Green, 411 U.S. 792, 802–04, 93 S.Ct. 1817, 36 L.Ed.2d 668 (1973), and Guz v. Bechtel National, Inc., 24 Cal.4th 317, 100 Cal.Rptr.2d 352, 8 P.3d 1089, 1113–14 (2000). The Ninth Circuit held that it had jurisdiction to adjudicate Zeinali’s discriminatory termination claim, as he did not dispute the merits of the executive branch’s decision to deny his security clearance application. Rather, he disputed the bona fides of Raytheon’s professed security clearance requirement, and he introduced evidence showing that Raytheon retained similarly situated non-Iranian engineers who lacked security clearances. The Court of Appeal therefore reversed the district court and held that Zeinali’s discrimination claim may proceed.

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