A Solid Track Record of Success

We Consistently Deliver Results With Positive Case Outcomes  

At the Akopyan Law Firm, A.P.C. we have a long track record of success for our clients. We have obtained outstanding results for our clients.  We have been successful in 97% of our cases. Our team looks forward to meeting you and assisting you with all your legal needs.

We Have Recovered Millions of Dollars in Verdicts and Settlements for Employees 

The vast and overwhelming majority of our work is on behalf of employees.  We are privileged to represent employees in legal disputes, and honored to have their trust.  Below is a list of only some of the verdicts and settlements we have obtained for our clients.

We Have Successfully Resolved Cases for Employers

We occasionally represent employers in employment disputes.  Unlike a lot of other lawyers our objective in each of these cases is to resolve the case as quickly and economically as possible.

    • $6,131,000.00Employment: Disability Discrimination
    • $3,850,000.00Employment: Wrongful Termination
    • $950,000.00Employment: Retaliation
    • $800,000.00Employment: Sexual Harassment
    • $750,000.00Employment: Sexual Harassment
    • $700,000.00Employment: Wrongful Termination / Race Discrimination
    • $658,475.00Employment: Sexual Harassment
    • $650,000.00Personal Injury: Automobile Collision
    • $375,000.00Employment: Sexual Harassment
    • $325,000.00Employment: Sexual Harassment
    • $300,000.00Employment: Race Discrimination
    • $295,000.00Employment: Wage and Hour
    • $275,000.00Employment: Race Discrimination
    • $265,000.00Employment: Sexual Harassment
    • $250,000.00Employment: Pregnancy Discrimination
    • $250,000.00Employment Law: Disability Discrimination
    • $240,039.00Employment: Disability Discrimination
    • $240,000.00Employment: Sexual Harassment
    • $200,000.00Employment: Wrongful Termination
    • $199,000.00Employment: Pregnancy Discrimination
    • $195,000.00Employment: Religious Discrimination
    • $193,000.00Employment: Failure to Accommodate
    • $190,000.00Employment: Retaliation
    • $180,000.00Employment: Unpaid Wages
    • $175,000.00Employment: Whistleblower Retaliation
    • $175,000.00Employment: Medical Leave Retaliation
    • $174,000.00Employment: Wage and Hour
    • $167,000.00Employment: Wage and Hour
    • $160,000.00Employment: Unpaid Wages
    • $158,000.00Breach of Contract
    • $150,000.00Employment: Race Discrimination
    • $130,000.00Employment: Race Discrimination
    • $130,000.00Employment: Wage and Hour
    • $125,000.00Employment: Sexual Harassment
    • $125,000.00Employment: Disability Discrimination
    • $125,000.00Employment: Medical Leave Retaliation
    • $120,000.00Employment: Unpaid Commission Wages
    • $120,000.00Employment: Wrongful Termination
    • $120,000.00Personal Injury: Automobile Collision
    • $120,000.00Employment: Retaliation
    • $107,000.00Employment: Whistleblower Retaliation
    • $100,500.00Employment: Religious Discrimination
    • $100,000.00Employment: Failure to Accommodate
    • $100,000.00Employment: Wrongful Termination
    • $100,000.00Personal Injury: Bicycle Collision
    • $100,000.00Personal Injury: Pedestrian Collision