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Shadow Hills is a neighborhood in the City of Los Angeles.  The neighborhood is located in the northeast corner of the San Fernando Valley and covers an area of more than twelve square miles. According to estimates of the Los Angeles Department of City Planning, less than 15,000 people call Shadow Hills their home.  With a sizeable equestrian zone, Shadow Hills offers “country living” in the middle of the city.  Shadow Hills covers the zip code 91040.  Shadow Hills is often described as having a semi-rural feel due to its larger properties, equestrian facilities, and a more spacious layout compared to many other neighborhoods in Los Angeles. It is not uncommon to find horse properties and ranches in this area. Shadow Hills is a popular choice for those who own horses or have an interest in equestrian activities. It has riding trails, horse-friendly properties, and equestrian centers, making it a suitable place for horse enthusiasts. The neighborhood is surrounded by natural beauty, including hills, canyons, and open spaces. This gives residents access to hiking, biking, and outdoor recreational activities. Housing options in Shadow Hills vary, including single-family homes, ranch-style properties, and larger estates. Some properties have extensive land and equestrian facilities.  Shadow Hills is known for its sense of community and a close-knit atmosphere. It has a mix of long-time residents and newcomers who appreciate the more relaxed pace of life compared to other parts of Los Angeles. While it has a rural feel, Shadow Hills is not far from the amenities and services of Los Angeles. It offers relatively easy access to the city via nearby freeways and roads. The neighborhood hosts various equestrian events and horse shows, attracting participants and spectators from the region. The Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. is headquartered in the City of Los Angeles. The City of Burbank lies directly to the south of Shadow Hills, California. From our main office in Los Angeles, we provide legal services to employees and employers in Shadow Hills, California.

Shadow Hills Employment Laws

The employment relationship between employers and employees in Shadow Hills is governed by a several distinct sets of local, state, and federal law.  Local laws governing places of employment in the neighborhood of Shadow Hills include, but are not limited to the City of Los Angeles Wage Ordinance.  State laws governing the workplace in Shadow Hills include, the California Constitution, the California Labor Code, the California Government Code, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”), the California Family Rights Act (“CFRA”), and the California Business & Professions Code.  Federal laws governing the workplace in Shadow Hills include but are not limited to the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the National Labor Relations Act, the Labor Management Relations Act, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”), the Americans with Disabilities Act, (“ADA”) and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”).

The Best Employment Attorney For Residents Of Shadow Hills, California

In the serene community of Shadow Hills, California, where residential areas dominate the landscape, finding the best employment attorney might not be a straightforward task. The tranquil charm of Shadow Hills extends far and wide, but its legal landscape is relatively sparse, with only a limited number of law firms in operation. As a result, when residents seek legal assistance, particularly in matters related to employment law, they often encounter challenges in identifying the right attorney for their needs.

A common approach to finding legal representation is conducting an online search, which can include phrases like “Shadow Hills employment lawyer” or “labor lawyer in Shadow Hills.” However, this method can sometimes lead to results dominated by paid advertisements from employment lawyers based in downtown Los Angeles or other parts of the city. While these lawyers may offer valuable services, they might not fully understand the unique dynamics and nuances of the Shadow Hills community.

Selecting the right attorney is crucial when dealing with employment-related disputes. It requires finding a skilled and experienced lawyer who is well-versed in employment law and can provide tailored guidance and representation. Unfortunately, this task is not always as straightforward as it may seem, especially when relying solely on online searches.

In many cases, online inquiries might connect you with call service receptionists rather than direct conversations with experienced employment lawyers who can address your specific concerns. To ensure you receive prompt and expert legal assistance, it’s essential to connect directly with an employment attorney who can provide the guidance you need.

The Akopyan Law Firm offers a solution to residents of Shadow Hills and neighboring areas who seek seasoned employment lawyers. Our team of dedicated labor and employment attorneys boasts well over a decade of experience in employment law. We have a strong track record of success in representing both employers and employees in various employment-related matters.

What sets us apart is not only our expertise but also our commitment to providing personalized and local service. With offices located just minutes away from Shadow Hills, we are not only skilled in what we do but also easily accessible to our clients. When you choose the Akopyan Law Firm, you can expect to work directly with experienced employment attorneys who understand the unique challenges and opportunities within your community.

If you are in Shadow Hills, California, and wish to speak directly with an actual employment lawyer who can address your concerns, we encourage you to contact the Akopyan Law Firm. Your employment-related legal needs are our priority, and we are here to provide you with the guidance and representation you deserve.

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Featured Employment Case

Sav-On Drug Stores, Inc. v. Superior Ct., 34 Cal. 4th 319, 96 P.3d 194 (2004)
A drug store chain’s operating managers and assistant managers sought class certification in their action against chain, seeking overtime wages. The Superior Court granted certification. The drug store chain petitioned for writ relief. The Court of Appeal issued writ directing trial court to vacate its order granting certification. The Supreme Court granted managers’ petition for review, superseding the opinion of the Court of Appeal. The Supreme Court held that common issues predominated over questions affecting individual members such that class certification was appropriate.  The opinion states in part: “Labor Code section 1194 confirms “a clear public policy … that is specifically directed at the enforcement of California’s minimum wage and overtime laws for the benefit of workers.” (Earley v. Superior Court (2000) 79 Cal.App.4th 1420, 1429–1430, 95 Cal.Rptr.2d 57.) As defendant’s own authority reminds us, California’s overtime laws are remedial and are to be construed so as to promote employee protection. (Ramirez, supra, 20 Cal.4th at p. 794, 85 Cal.Rptr.2d 844, 978 P.2d 2.) And, as we have recognized, “this state has a public policy which encourages the use of the class action device.” (Richmond v. Dart Industries, Inc., supra, 29 Cal.3d at p. 473, 174 Cal.Rptr. 515, 629 P.2d 23.) “ ‘By establishing a technique whereby the claims of many individuals can be resolved at the same time, the class suit both eliminates the possibility of repetitious litigation and provides small claimants with a method of obtaining redress for claims which would otherwise be too small to warrant individual litigation.’ ” (Id. at p. 469, 174 Cal.Rptr. 515, 629 P.2d 23.)  Many of the issues likely to be most vigorously contested in this dispute, as noted, are common ones. Absent class treatment, each individual plaintiff would present in separate, duplicative proceedings the same or essentially the same arguments and evidence, including expert testimony. The result would be a multiplicity of trials conducted at enormous expense to both the judicial system and the litigants. “It would be neither efficient nor fair to anyone, including defendants, to force multiple trials to hear the same evidence and decide the same issues.” (Boggs v. Divested Atomic Corp. (S.D.Ohio 1991) 141 F.R.D. 58, 67.

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$700 ThousandEmployment: Wrongful Termination / Race Discrimination
$658 ThousandEmployment: Sexual Harassment
$650 ThousandPersonal Injury: Automobile Collision
$375 ThousandEmployment: Sexual Harassment
$325 ThousandEmployment: Sexual Harassment
$300 ThousandEmployment: Wrongful Termination / Race Discrimination
$295 ThousandEmployment: Wage and Hour
$265 ThousandEmployment: Sexual Harassment
$250 ThousandEmployment: Pregnancy Discrimination
$250 ThousandEmployment Law: Disability Discrimination
$240 ThousandEmployment: Disability Discrimination
$240 ThousandEmployment: Sexual Harassment
$200 ThousandEmployment: Wrongful Termination
$199 ThousandEmployment: Pregnancy Discrimination
$195 ThousandEmployment: Religious Discrimination
$193 ThousandEmployment: Failure to Accommodate
$180 ThousandEmployment: Unpaid Wages
$175 ThousandEmployment: Whistleblower Retaliation
$175 ThousandEmployment: Medical Leave Retaliation
$174 ThousandEmployment: Wage and Hour
$167 ThousandEmployment: Wage and Hour
$160 ThousandEmployment: Unpaid Wages
$158 ThousandBreach of Contract
$150 ThousandEmployment: Reverse Race Discrimination
$130 ThousandEmployment: Race Discrimination
$125 ThousandEmployment: Sexual Harassment
$125 ThousandEmployment: Disability Discrimination
$125 ThousandEmployment: Medical Leave Retaliation
$120 ThousandEmployment: Unpaid Commission Wages
$120 ThousandEmployment: Retaliation
$120 ThousandPersonal Injury: Automobile Collision
$107 ThousandEmployment: Whistleblower Retaliation
$100 ThousandEmployment: Religious Discrimination
$100 ThousandEmployment: Failure to Accommodate
$100 ThousandEmployment: Wrongful Termination
$100 ThousandPersonal Injury: Bicycle Collision
$100 ThousandPersonal Injury: Pedestrian Collision