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The Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. is committed to advocating for the rights of both employees and employers in Hawthorne, California. Our experienced trial attorneys are well-prepared to handle a wide range of employment-related issues, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, and other forms of illegal conduct in the workplace. Additionally, we offer cost-effective and efficient solutions to employment law challenges faced by small businesses in Hawthorne. Our substantial experience in approaching employment disputes from both sides provides us with valuable insight into the thought processes of opposing parties, which greatly contributes to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. Whether you are an employee seeking justice and protection from workplace misconduct or a small business owner in need of effective employment law solutions, the Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. is here to serve the Hawthorne community. Our commitment to excellence and our dedication to delivering favorable results make us a trusted choice for employment law matters in Hawthorne.

About Hawthorne, California

Hawthorne is a city in southwest Los Angeles County.  Incorporated in 1922, the City of Hawthorne currently has a population of nearly 87,000 within a six square mile area. It encompasses the following zip code: 90250.   Ideally located near the Los Angeles International Airport, connected by rail to the Port of Los Angeles and downtown Los Angeles, and surrounded by the San Diego (I-405), Harbor (I-110), and Glenn M. Anderson (I-105) Freeways, the City of Hawthorne could easily be termed the “Hub of the South Bay.” By virtue of its location, Hawthorne affords easy, quick access to all that Southern California offers; culture, sports, entertainment, mountains, and beaches. Temperatures in the area are always among the most pleasant in the Los Angeles basin.

The area now known as Hawthorne was originally inhabited by the Tongva people, the indigenous inhabitants of the Los Angeles Basin. They lived in harmony with the land, utilizing its resources and leaving behind a cultural legacy that would influence the region’s development.

In the 18th century, Spanish explorers and missionaries arrived in California, and the land eventually became part of the Spanish mission system. The Spanish era saw the introduction of European influence and Catholic missions, shaping the cultural landscape of the region.

After Mexico gained independence from Spain, California became Mexican territory. Land grants were issued to private individuals, and the area that includes Hawthorne was part of Rancho Sausal Redondo, a vast land grant that encompassed several present-day cities.

The mid-19th century brought significant changes to the region with the end of the Mexican-American War and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which ceded California to the United States. American settlers began to establish farms and ranches in the area, transforming it into an agricultural community.

Hawthorne saw its first significant development in the late 19th century when the Southern Pacific Railroad extended its tracks through the region. This improved transportation links and facilitated the movement of goods and people.

The city’s name, Hawthorne, was adopted in 1907, named after the famous American author Nathaniel Hawthorne. The name change was part of a broader effort to attract new residents and investors to the area.

Hawthorne’s transformation from a rural community to a suburban city accelerated in the 20th century. The expansion of Los Angeles and the growth of the aerospace industry in Southern California played a significant role in shaping the city’s character.

During World War II and the Cold War, Hawthorne became a center for aerospace and technology companies. Notably, the aerospace company Northrop Corporation had a major presence in the city. The development of advanced technology and aviation projects contributed to the city’s economic growth.

Hawthorne also gained cultural significance as the birthplace of the Beach Boys, a legendary American rock band. The Wilson brothers, Brian, Carl, and Dennis, grew up in Hawthorne and formed the Beach Boys in the early 1960s.

Today, Hawthorne is a diverse and thriving city within the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It is known for its residential neighborhoods, businesses, and schools. While the aerospace industry continues to be a part of its identity, the city has diversified its economic base, making it a dynamic and evolving community in Southern California.

With offices in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange the Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. is just minutes away from Hawthorne. Our employment lawyers stand ready to provide world-class services and top-notch representation to the residents of Hawthorne.

Are You Looking For The Best Employment Lawyer in Hawthorne?

The process of finding the right labor lawyer in Hawthorne can be challenging, given the multitude of options and varying approaches among law firms. When searching for legal representation in employment-related matters, it’s important to recognize that not every attorney will be suitable for every case. Some lawyers may prioritize quick and easy settlements, even if they don’t fully serve the client’s interests.

An online search for “employment lawyer Hawthorne” or “wrongful termination attorney in Hawthorne” may yield numerous paid advertisements from lawyers, making it difficult to assess their qualifications and commitment to your case.

At the Akopyan Law Firm in Hawthorne, California, our dedicated labor lawyers are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients, regardless of the complexity or challenges involved. We prioritize quality work and personalized service, limiting our caseload to ensure that every client receives the attention and support they deserve. Our clients are like family to us, and we take pride in the first-class service we provide.

We encourage prospective clients to review the feedback and testimonials from our satisfied clients, which reflect the excellent results we have achieved on their behalf. Our Hawthorne employment lawyers are passionate advocates for our clients, and we are prepared to fight for your rights and interests.

If you are in search of employment lawyers in Hawthorne who will prioritize your case and provide top-notch legal representation, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a complimentary case evaluation. We are here to assist you in navigating your employment law challenges and pursuing the best possible resolution.

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Featured Employment Case:

Texas Dep’t of Cmty. Affs. v. Burdine, 450 U.S. 248, 253 (1981)

Texas Department of Community Affairs v. Burdine is a pivotal United States Supreme Court case that outlined the framework for evaluating employment discrimination claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This case dealt with Ida Phillips Burdine, an African American woman who alleged racial discrimination in her failure to receive a job promotion at the Texas Department of Community Affairs (TDCA). The Court introduced the “Burdine framework,” which consists of three key stages: (1) Prima Facie Case: At the outset, the plaintiff must establish a prima facie case of discrimination, indicating membership in a protected class and qualification for the position, coupled with an adverse employment decision; (2) Legitimate, Non-Discriminatory Reason: If the plaintiff successfully establishes a prima facie case, the burden shifts to the employer to provide a valid, non-discriminatory rationale for the adverse employment action. This reason should be unrelated to the plaintiff’s protected status; (3) Pretext: If the employer presents a legitimate reason, the burden shifts back to the plaintiff to demonstrate that the employer’s rationale is a pretext, revealing that the true cause for the adverse employment decision was discriminatory. The Court emphasized that the ultimate responsibility of proving discrimination remains with the plaintiff, but this framework offers a structured approach to the order of proof in employment discrimination cases. The citation “450 U.S. 248, 253, 101 S. Ct. 1089, 1093, 67 L. Ed. 2d 207 (1981)” denotes the location of this case in the United States Reports (U.S.), the Supreme Court Reporter, and the Lawyers’ Edition (L. Ed.), along with the year of the decision. At the time this case significantly influenced the analysis of employment discrimination claims and remains a cornerstone precedent in this legal area.

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$100 ThousandEmployment: Religious Discrimination
$100 ThousandEmployment: Failure to Accommodate
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