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Banning, California

Banning is a city located in Riverside County.  Banning is home to roughly 30,000 residents.  It covers approximately twenty three square miles, and encompasses the following zip code: 92220. The City of Banning is situated in the San Gorgonio Pass and has always been a strong location for economic development dating back to the days of the gold rush. By 1824, the San Gabriel Mission Fathers established a branch of the Mission at the highest point in the Pass, along the foothills northwest of Banning, where they raised cattle, sheep and pursued land cultivation. By that time, the area was known as Rancho San Gorgonio, so named by the padres after Street Gorgonio, A Latin martyr. The first white man to reach the area was Dr. Isaac Smith in 1853 who, according to recorded land documents, purchased from Paulino Weaver an undivided 1-third interest from the Mexican Governor, Pio Pico. Dr. Smith brought his wife and 7 children to the rancho to live and built a house known as Smith’s Station, which later became Highland Home and subsequently called Highland Springs. The following year, Banning’s first permanent landmark, Gilman Ranch adobe, was built. It was ultimately used as a stage stop by the Colorado Stage & Express Line founded by Alexander & Co. of Los Angeles on its route to the Colorado River in 1862, where gold had been discovered. Gilman’s Ranch just north of downtown Banning served as a station for the stagecoach lines that were headed to the gold boomtowns. Later, the railroad became a major contributor to the area’s growth. The town of Banning was incorporated on February 6, 1913 and was named after Phineas Banning, a stagecoach line owner and the “Father of the Port of Los Angeles.” Between 1930 and 1940 a new economic development emerged. The Metropolitan Water District planned to build an Aqueduct system. The plan was to drill a 26 foot in diameter hole through a13 mile section of the San Jacinto Mountains. Beginning in Cabazon and exit below Gilman Hot Springs. This was the largest and most significant engineering project ever to affect the San Gorgonio Pass area and led to a massive boom in commerce and the local economy. Subsequently, between 1940 and 1960 Banning’s population tripled in size. Today, the City is committed to a growing Banning, and maintains a business-friendly approach to economic development.

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Banning, with its strategic location, offers its residents an array of choices when it comes to legal services. The legal landscape here is teeming with numerous lawyers and law firms, each vying for attention and clients. In fact, some legal practitioners might go to great lengths, even breaking down your door just to make a sales pitch. However, for both employers and employees in Banning facing serious legal issues, particularly those involving employment law, the challenge lies in discerning which lawyer is the right fit for their needs. This task can be further complicated by the constant barrage of gimmicky radio ads and the sight of cheesy posters plastered on billboards, buses, and street benches. While many individuals turn to the internet for guidance, even an online search for “Banning employment lawyer” or “wrongful termination attorney in Banning” often yields results inundated with paid advertisements from billboard lawyers. It’s essential to recognize that while a billboard lawyer may be suitable for certain cases, there are instances that demand the highest caliber of quality representation, provided by seasoned legal professionals.  At the Akopyan Law Firm, A.P.C., each of our attorneys boasts nearly two decades of experience. They have built a solid track record of success in advocating for the rights and interests of both employers and employees. Our firm’s ethos centers on quality, emphasizing the meticulous representation of our clients rather than the pursuit of quantity. Our lawyers are more inclined to spend their time in the courtroom, fiercely fighting for the rights of our clients, rather than recording catchy radio advertisements in a studio. We don’t expect you to take our word for it; we’re more than willing to provide client references upon your request. Moreover, you can peruse our online reviews to gain insight into our clients’ experiences.  With offices strategically located in Riverside, Orange, and Burbank, the Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. is just minutes away from Banning. Our employment lawyers are primed and prepared to deliver world-class legal services and top-notch representation to the residents of Banning. When you need seasoned professionals who will champion your cause with dedication and expertise, we stand ready to serve you.

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How to Successfully Negotiate for a Severance Package

Negotiating a severance package can be a crucial step when parting ways with an employer. Whether you're facing a layoff, resignation, or mutual separation, a well-structured severance package can provide financial security during your transition to a new job. In this blog, we'll discuss the key strategies to successfully negotiate a severance package that meets your needs. Determine if the Company Owes You Any Pre-existing Contractual Obligations Before entering into any negotiation, carefully review your employee handbook, employment contract, and any other similar document that sets the terms and conditions of your employment. In some cases, these documents may include clauses that detail the terms and conditions of severance pay. Familiarize yourself with the provisions concerning severance to ensure you're well informed about what you may be entitled to receive. Talk to A Lawyer and Determine if You Have Any Leverage Employers are generally not legally required to provide employees with severance agreements. There is no law that says that employees must get severance agreements. Severance agreements are, as the name implies, mutual agreements between two parties. Stated differently, there must be something to motivate your employer to provide a severance payment. In some cases, gratitude for a job well done could provide the necessary motivation. In other cases, a company policy based on a predetermined formula that applies to all employees across the board can lead to, and/or generate, a severance offer. More often than not employers will present a severance offer to an employee as a way of buying peace of mind for themselves. Practically all severance agreements include a release and waiver of rights by the employee, as well as an agreement by the employee that he or she will not to sue the company. Simply put, the company is paying money for the peace of mind of knowing that the employee will not sue them. Overstating the obvious, the bigger of a risk the employee presents to the employer, the larger the severance offer will likely be. In other words, if a company recognizes that it screwed up, or in some way violated the employee’s rights, it will be far more likely to offer a significant severance, as compared to a situation where the company has done no wrong. One should never manufacture leverage, but if the employee suspects something seriously wrong happened to them while they were still employed, or that the termination of their employment might in some way be unlawful, then the best thing to do is to speak to an experienced employment lawyer and tell them what happened. This will likely be the fastest way to determine if the employee has a case. The employee may at that point decide not to accept the severance and to pursue a case, or in the alternative that information can be developed and presented as a mechanism for increasing the severance offer. Set Realistic Goals and Practical Objectives Determine what you value most in your severance package. It could be a lump sum payment, extended ... Read more

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