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Downey, California

Downey is a city located in southeast Los Angeles.  Downey is home to more than 110,000 residents.  It covers approximately thirteen square miles, and encompasses the following zip codes: 90240, 90241, 90242.  In the 1800’s, Downey was one of many towns to spring up along the thousands of miles of trails to the west. The city derived its name from John Gately Downey, an Irish immigrant who had come to California during the Gold Rush, and succeeded to Governor of California. He helped build the economic foundation of Southern California, effecting a transition from open cattle range to an agricultural district of small farms. In November 1859, Downey and his former drugstore partner, James McFarland, bought the 17,602 acre Rancho Santa Gertrudes for a mere $60,000. In 1873, a 96-acre parcel of the plot became the central district of a community called “Downey City,” an area with a favorable climate, fertile soil and abundant water sources.  In April of 1874, the people of Downey City heard the first whistle of a Southern Pacific train lumbering into town. The extension of the Southern Pacific Railroad through Downey played a pivotal role in bringing people throughout the country to the city to reap the potential business and agricultural benefits of the land.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, many Downey pioneers had achieved success in business and politics within the city and the surrounding Los Angeles County. The downtown Downey area contained a Sunkist packing plant, a department store, banks, restaurants and mercantile shops. Downey remained largely agrarian until the development of the local aircraft industry during the post-World War II years, with light industry and tract homes replacing orange groves. The city was one of the first suburban “planned communities” with quality homes, schools and retail centers. Today, Downey is an ideal home base from which to take advantage of the business resources and cultural activities offered in Southern California.  With offices in Burbank, Orange, and Riverside the Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. is just minutes away from Downey. Our employment lawyers stand ready to provide world-class services and top-notch representation to the residents of Downey.

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Situated advantageously, Downey offers its residents a multitude of choices when it comes to legal counsel. The city boasts an abundance of lawyers and law firms, all extending their services to the local community. Some are so eager to attract clients that they might as well knock on your door and invite themselves into your living room to make their pitch. For both employers and employees in Downey grappling with substantial legal issues, particularly those rooted in employment law, the challenge lies in identifying the right lawyer for their specific needs. This task becomes all the more daunting in the face of the ceaseless wave of attention-grabbing radio advertisements and the presence of eye-catching posters on billboards, buses, and street benches throughout the city. While most individuals turn to online searches for solutions, seeking phrases like “Downey employment lawyer” or “wrongful termination attorney in Downey” can often yield search results packed with paid advertisements from billboard lawyers. While billboard lawyers may excel in specific cases, there are scenarios where the complexity of the matter necessitates the involvement of seasoned, high-caliber legal counsel. At the Akopyan Law Firm, A.P.C., each of our attorneys boasts nearly two decades of invaluable experience, supported by a distinguished track record of success representing both employers and employees. Our firm’s hallmark lies in our unwavering commitment to quality over quantity. Our attorneys prefer to invest their time in the courtroom, vigorously advocating for our clients’ rights, rather than in a recording studio crafting catchy radio ads. We take great pride in our work and welcome your request for client references or encourage you to explore our online reviews to witness our track record firsthand. With offices located just minutes away from Downey, we are poised and prepared to provide residents with legal representation of the utmost excellence. When you choose the Akopyan Law Firm, A.P.C., you’re not only selecting legal expertise; you’re embracing a dedication to delivering the highest standards of service. Your legal needs are our priority, and we’re here to be your trusted advocates. If you seek legal representation that prioritizes quality and experience, we urge you to reach out to us today for exceptional counsel and support.

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Empowering Employees: A Guide on Addressing Workplace Sexual Harassment

The workplace should be a space where individuals feel safe, respected, and able to focus on their work. Unfortunately, instances of sexual harassment can disrupt this environment, leaving victims feeling vulnerable and uncertain about how to address the situation. Recognizing Sexual Harassment The first step is recognizing what constitutes sexual harassment. It can manifest in various forms. Awareness of these behaviors is crucial for employees to identify when they are being subjected to harassment. As defined by California state law, examples of sexual harassment in the workplace can include: Unwanted sexual advances or propositions Requests for sexual favors in exchange for employment benefits Offensive remarks or jokes of a sexual nature Displaying or distributing sexually explicit materials Making derogatory comments about someone's gender or sexual orientation Physical contact or touching of a sexual nature without consent Creating a hostile work environment through sexual comments or behavior Making threats or promises based on the submission to or rejection of sexual advances Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there may be other behaviors that can constitute sexual harassment under California state law. It is important to consult the relevant statutes and seek legal advice if you have concerns about sexual harassment in the workplace. Documenting Incidents Keeping a detailed record of incidents is essential. Record the date, time, location, individuals involved, and a description of the harassment. Document any witnesses and their contact information. This documentation will serve as valuable evidence should you decide to take formal action. Reporting to Human Resources If you feel comfortable doing so, report the harassment to your company's human resources department. Provide them with the documented incidents and any evidence you have. Employers have an obligation to prevent unlawful harassment from occurring in the workplace. Submit your complaint in writing and keep a copy of it. Communicate in writing with your employer as much as possible. Far too often in litigation, employers will claim that complaints were never made. Legal Consultation If internal avenues prove ineffective or if the harassment persists, seek legal advice. Consult with an employment attorney to understand your rights and explore legal options. Consulting a lawyer for employee sexual harassment claims in California is beneficial for several reasons: Legal expertise: Sexual harassment laws can be complex, and an experienced employment lawyer can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your rights and legal options. They have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the legal system effectively. Evaluation of your case: A lawyer can evaluate the strength of your case based on the evidence and circumstances. They can assess whether you have a viable claim and provide guidance on potential outcomes. Guidance through the process: An employment lawyer can guide you through the entire process, including filing a complaint with the appropriate agency, gathering evidence, and negotiating with the opposing party. They can help ensure that all necessary paperwork is filed correctly and within the required deadlines. Protection of your rights: By having a lawyer on your side, you ... Read more

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$100 ThousandEmployment: Wrongful Termination
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