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La Palma, California

La Palma is city located in Orange County.  La Palma covers less than two square miles but is home to more than 15,000 residents.  La Palma lies within zip code 90623. With 18 dairies dotting an area of 1.76 square miles, the City of La Palma in 1955 looked nothing like it does today. In fact, the City of La Palma was first incorporated as Dairyland and remained so until the dairies relocated. The name was changed in 1965 to La Palma in reflection of Orange County’s Spanish heritage and the City’s main street, La Palma Avenue. Soon after the small farming community began its life, City planners decided that the City should benefit from a long-term program for orderly development. he Civic Center and Central Park, now La Palma’s premier gathering places, were among the first projects to be completed to better the community. The City’s major redevelopment project, Centerpointe, added new commercial and light industrial uses in the early 1980s. La Palma is a well balanced city which prides itself on a responsive municipal government and a strong sense of community. The City’s small town character allows residents to live in quiet and friendly neighborhoods. With one of the lowest crime rates in Orange County, La Palma is a place where residents can rest easy and enjoy hometown living. The City has been ranked one of America’s Best Places to Live, by Money Magazine in 2007, 2011, 2013, and 2015.

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La Palma is indeed a thriving community, and residents may have numerous options when it comes to legal representation. However, selecting the right attorney for your specific employment law needs is crucial to ensure a positive outcome for your case. Online searches for “employment lawyer La Palma” or “wrongful termination attorney La Palma” often yield paid advertisements from lawyers across various practice areas. It can be challenging for individuals to discern an attorney’s expertise and experience solely based on these advertisements. The Akopyan Law Firm, A.P.C. understands the importance of choosing an attorney who is well-versed in employment law and experienced in handling trials and litigation. Each of our attorneys has nearly two decades of experience and a proven track record of success in representing both employees and employers. Our approach is centered on quality rather than quantity, which means we are dedicated to providing personalized and effective legal representation to each client. With offices located just minutes away from La Palma, we are readily available to serve the community. We pride ourselves on delivering world-class services and top-notch representation to all La Palma residents, whether you are an employee seeking justice or an employer facing legal challenges. If you are in need of experienced and dedicated employment lawyers, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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  • age discrimination

Age Discrimination in the Workplace – Best Practices for Employers

Although it is impossible for employers to completely remove all risks of age discrimination occurring in the workplace, there are certain things which can be done in order to reduce the likelihood of that happening. Here are three things that every employer can consider doing: Provide Age Discrimination Training The most important thing that any employer can do is to train its employees – management level employees with supervisory authority over others in particular – regarding the subject of age discrimination. Many people are aware of the fact that the law prohibits certain types of discrimination in the workplace, such as race discrimination or gender discrimination. This is because these topics frequently appear on the evening news or social media. Although race and gender may be the most commonly known types of discrimination against which the law provides protection, they certainly are not the only ones. Surprisingly, there are many management level employees who are not even cognizant of the fact that age discrimination is prohibited by state and federal law. For this reason, it is critically important for employers to regularly provide supervisory level employees with training regarding the basics of employment law in general, and discrimination law in particular. Employ Mindful Reductions in Workforce Practices When there is a need to reduce the workforce, most management level employees will look to cut those employees who are drawing the biggest salaries and/or wages. More often than not, the employees who are drawing the biggest salaries tend to be those ... Read more

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What Evidence Can Be Used to Prove a Workplace Sexual Harassment Case?

The attorneys at the Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. constantly hear from folks who mistakenly believe that they have been the victim of workplace sexual harassment, but that they have no evidence to prove it because they do not have any video or photo evidence of the harassing acts. Presumably, there are many folks out there who don't even bother to call a sexual harassment lawyer for a free consultation because they think they need to have videos or photos to prove a case. Consequently, it is important to understand what exactly constitutes evidence in a sexual harassment case, as well as any other civil case that goes to trial. What is Evidence? In most, if not all, sexual harassment cases that go to trial, the court is likely to give the jury the following instruction: "Evidence can come in many forms. It can be testimony about what someone saw or heard or smelled. It can be an exhibit admitted into evidence. It can be someone’s opinion. Direct evidence can prove a fact by itself. For example, if a witness testifies she saw a jet plane flying across the sky, that testimony is direct evidence that a plane flew across the sky. Some evidence proves a fact indirectly. For example, a witness testifies that he saw only the white trail that jet planes often leave. This indirect evidence is sometimes referred to as "circumstantial evidence." In either instance, the witness’ testimony is evidence that a jet plane flew across the sky. ... Read more

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$120 ThousandEmployment: Retaliation
$120 ThousandPersonal Injury: Automobile Collision
$107 ThousandEmployment: Whistleblower Retaliation
$100 ThousandEmployment: Failure to Accommodate
$100 ThousandEmployment: Wrongful Termination
$100 ThousandPersonal Injury: Bicycle Collision
$100 ThousandPersonal Injury: Pedestrian Collision