Age discrimination in the workplace is prohibited by both state and federal law. California employees have the right to be free from both harassment and discrimination on the basis of age. Employees who suspect that they are being discriminated against because of their age should seek the help of an experienced advocate to better understand and enforce their rights.

Discriminatory Terminations

In California, it is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee because they are 40 years old or older. There are several ways in which age discrimination can occur but the most common way in which it arises is when an older worker is terminated because of his or her age. If you are in Southern California and suspect that you have been terminated from your job because of your age, then you should consider consulting an experienced age discrimination attorney. An experienced age discrimination lawyer will be able to tell you if you have a case and what steps you should take to maximize your change of a positive outcome. The team of employment lawyers at the Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C., serves employees in Los Angeles, Burbank, and Glendale and is ready to help victims of workplace age discrimination.

Choosing an Age Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles

Choosing an age discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles that is best suited for your particular case is important. Look for a law firm that is experienced and has a long list of happy clients. The age discrimination attorney you are interviewing should be well versed in employment law and ideally have experience handling age discrimination cases specifically.

Most employee side employment law firms (including the Akopyan Law Firm) are willing to work on a contingency basis which means that the legal fees are equal to a percentage of the total recovery.

Experienced Age Discrimination Lawyers By Your Side

The team of experienced lawyers at the Akopyan Law Firm, A.P.C. is among the best age discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles, Glendale and Burbank. Our team has years of experience fighting employers and their insurance companies to enforce the rights of employees who have been harmed. Find out more about how we can help you by contacting us for a complimentary case evaluation.