A pregnant woman suddenly finds her hours cut, is given a more physically demanding workload when working in a physically demanding job or is suddenly dismissed. Is this pregnancy discrimination? Maybe. The best thing to do is contact pregnancy discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles for a fact specific consultation. In addition, here are four things to know about pregnancy discrimination in the state of California.

1. Pregnant women have rights, employers have obligations

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) has protections in place for pregnant women. Employer obligations include but are not limited to:

• Reasonably accommodating the pregnancy (modified work duties, a chair, breaks, etc.).

• Transfer from a hazardous position to a safer one if possible.

• Provide up to four months of PDL (pregnancy disability leave) for medically unsafe pregnancies.

• No harassment or retaliation allowed based on the pregnancy.

2. The size of the company matters when suing for pregnancy discrimination

The DFEH covers employers with five or more employees. Should a woman in a company with four or less employees suspect pregnancy discrimination, she cannot sue on those grounds. She should still contact pregnancy discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles, however, as the case may be treated as a public policy wrongful termination. Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. has years of experience as pregnancy discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles and is happy to help women in companies of all sizes, and in family businesses, by evaluating the case, and prosecuting it when needed.

3. It’s (unfortunately) complicated

Discrimination is seldom tied to one root cause. What may seem like pregnancy discrimination can have deep roots in female, race and even religious discrimination. As one of the top pregnancy discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles, we understand that this is a delicate situation for employees and employers alike. We approach each case with compassion, and we bring years of experience to every case. We empower our clients by helping them understand the law, their rights, and their obligations for all types of discrimination cases.

4. There is a stigma to overcome

A Bright Horizons™ publication (Modern Family Index Shows Motherhood Penalty in American Workplace) points out that while “89 percent of American workers agree that working moms in leadership roles bring out the best in employees,” while “69 percent say working mothers are more likely to be passed up for new job opportunities, 60 percent admit that opportunities are given to less qualified employees instead of their skilled mother counterparts, and 41 percent judge working mothers as less devoted.” Sadly, gender discrimination can start during pregnancy and continue once the employee returns to work.

Turn to Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C., Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers in Los Angeles

Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. provides complimentary case evaluations and representation to employees in pregnancy discrimination cases in Burbank, Glendale, Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. Our experience in all areas of employee discrimination has led to the recovery of millions of dollars for our deserving clients. Our contingency fee services mean no retainers or hourly fees for employee clients. Our legal fees comprise a portion of the recovery once the case is concluded. Contact us today for the best pregnancy discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles area.