Pregnancy discrimination occurs when an employer treats an employee worse (or in other words discriminate against) in connection with the terms and conditions of employment, as compared to other employees, because of that employee’s pregnancy. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to know your rights. Talking to pregnancy discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles ( is a good start.

Talk to a Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles

Employees who feel that employers are discriminating against them due to pregnancy should talk to an employment lawyer who handles pregnancy discrimination cases. Pregnancy discrimination can take many forms, but probably the most common scenario is where a pregnant employee expecting to take pregnancy leave becomes sidelined, managed out, pressured to quit, or fired before they go on pregnancy leave because they present too much of an inconvenience for the employer. If you experienced this, or can see the writing on the wall, call a pregnancy discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles to discuss your rights.

What is Pregnancy Discrimination?

When you consult with a pregnancy discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles, the first thing you should do is have a clear understanding of exactly what pregnancy discrimination is. Discrimination on the basis of “pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions” is treated as sex discrimination under both Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Fair Employment and Housing Act. There are many different ways that pregnancy discrimination can rear its ugly head, some of which are more obvious while others may not be. In general, a prima facie case of pregnancy discrimination requires evidence showing that the employer knew of the employee’s pregnancy, and evidence of pregnancy-discriminatory motive on the part of the employer. Of course there are several other things that need to be established to make a claim for pregnancy discrimination, and the quickest way to find out more is by contacting a pregnancy discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles.

Pregnancy Discrimination Can Be Subtle

Some of the changes that happen in the workplace after you break the news of your pregnancy may seem like nothing out of the ordinary when viewed alone. However, when these changes are viewed together, and you get a full picture, they may tell a different story. Things like reduced workload, reduction of benefits, exclusion from meetings, and other actions may seem harmless, but when they all happen at the same time, immediately after the employer is put on notice of the pregnancy, they may suggest a discriminatory motive. Before you meet with a pregnancy discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles make sure to take detailed notes of your experiences so that the pregnancy discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles gets a full picture.

Gather Evidence

Always be sure to keep records of emails, text messages, and other documents pertaining to your employment, as well as your pregnancy. For example, if you exchanged texts or emails with your supervisor or HR wherein you discussed or mentioned the fact that you were pregnant, make sure to keep a copy in case they later deny knowing about your pregnancy. Be sure to keep copies of the employee handbook and workplace policy manuals. They will have information about the company guidelines regarding pregnancy. These records and documents will be essential to helping the pregnancy discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles prove your case. Bring all these documents with you to your initial consultation with a pregnancy discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles.

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