If you have experienced disability discrimination in the workplace it is important to remember that the law provides for disabled employees in the workplace. The first step towards a successful outcome is to find a disability discrimination lawyer. You can run a Google search for ‘disability discrimination lawyer near me’ but finding the right lawyer may not be as easy as it seems.

Finding a Disability Discrimination Lawyer

If you are in California, there are many disability discrimination lawyers to choose from. If you suspect that your employer discriminated against or mistreated you because of a disability, an initial consultation with a disability discrimination lawyer is a great place to start. While you can try to do your own legal research, and figure out if your rights have been violated, a far easier approach is to find an experienced disability discrimination lawyer who can quickly analyze the facts of your situation. One way to find a lawyer is to run an online search for ‘disability discrimination lawyer near me.’ Another way to find the right lawyer is to ask friends and family for a referral.

Help Me Find a Disability Discrimination Lawyer Near Me

Online searches for ‘disability discrimination lawyer near me’ may not always produce a list of the best disability discrimination lawyers near you. Instead, what you are likely to get is a list of those disability discrimination lawyers in your area with the biggest marketing budget. The market is flooded with mediocre attorneys who claim to be fierce advocates but never set foot in a court of law. Therefore, running an online search for ‘disability discrimination lawyer near me’ will not necessarily lead to who you are looking for.

If you live in Los Angeles, Burbank, or Glendale call the disability discrimination lawyers at the Akopyan Law and ask them directly “why are you the best disability discrimination lawyer near me” and have them explain why you should pick them over other employment lawyers. Ask them how many disability discrimination cases they have handled and what results they achieved. Ask them to give you the names and phone numbers of other clients they have represented in the past and call those folks and ask them about their experiences. Then call other lawyers in your area and ask them the same questions. You will soon earn that not every disability discrimination lawyer near me is the same.

At Akopyan Law, our disability discrimination lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. That type of fee means that we only get paid fees when we deliver a recovery to the client. The fee is not an hourly fee but is rather a percentage of what we recover. Discuss your case with a disability discrimination lawyer who can give you all the advice that you need.