Illegal workplace conduct takes many forms. Employees are often unaware of their own rights being infringed at work, and too often do victims of unlawful workplace conduct get exploited or even ignored by their employers. Employees across the U.S.A. suffer needlessly from discrimination in the workplace. As an employee, you have the right to a safe work environment, and an employment lawyer in Glendale, LA, or Burbank will help you understand those rights and fight for just compensation. There are many reasons why employees should seek legal representation. Let’s look at three of the central benefits of working with a local employment lawyer.

1. Help You Understand Your Legal Rights as an Employee

As an employee, you are protected by employment laws and have rights. Everyone has the right to a safe workplace that is free from discrimination, retaliation, and unlawful termination. Working with an employment lawyer in Glendale, LA, or Burbank can help you better understand your position as an employee and determine if these rights are being infringed upon by your employer.

2. Provide Protection from Unlawful Workplace Conduct

An employment lawyer in Glendale, LA, or Burbank will work beside you to protect you from unlawful workplace conduct. Employees who are victims of discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation can seek legal representation to not only protect themselves from harmful work environments but also to fight for their rights. Many employees are unaware of the extent of unlawful workplace conduct. Examples of cases an employment lawyer in Glendale, LA or Burbank, can help you with include:

Age discrimination

Sex discrimination

Sexual harassment

Race discrimination

Religious discrimination


Wrongful termination

There are a number of types of unlawful workplace conduct that employees across America face every day. As an employee, it can be difficult to stand up to your employer, and many employees feel they are powerless against illegal workplace conduct. Having legal representation will provide protection from harmful work environments and ensure your rights are represented.

3. Help You Get the Most from a Claim

Seeking compensation for unlawful workplace conduct can be a difficult and trying process. Insurance companies and large corporations will do everything in their power to dismiss a claim or, at the very least, minimize the payout. Employers may try to diminish your claim and even manipulate the case against you. Working with an employment lawyer in Glendale, LA, or Burbank will provide you with professional support and knowledge along the way. A skilled employment lawyer will prevent employers and insurance companies from pushing you around, and they will fight to uphold the law.

Finding Professional Representation

Being a victim of unlawful workplace conduct can be frustrating, humiliating, and even scary. Many American workers suffer at the hands of unjust employers and workplace violence. You are not alone in this battle. At the Akopyan Law Firm, A.P.C., we are committed to representing our clients and fighting for their rights. Our team of employment lawyers in the LA, Burbank, or Glendale region have recovered millions for clients and come ready to serve your interests with a passion for justice. No matter the size of the company or amount of compensation, we are here to serve you. Let us fight for your rights.