Wage and hour law can be complicated; it can be difficult to determine if an employer is paying wages in accordance with the law. Each attorney at the Akopyan Law Firm, A.PC., is a wage and hour attorney in Los Angeles with the experience necessary to successfully handle wage and hour disputes. A complimentary case evaluation is the first step to securing relief.

What is a Wage?

Wage and hour law is not always a model of clarity. For example, California’s Labor Code Section 200(a) states as follows: A “wage” is defined as money or other value that is received by an employee as compensation for labor or services performed. “Other value” could include room, board, clothes, and other benefits to which the employee is entitled as a part of his or her compensation.” (source) The State of California Department of Industrial Relations says, “A “willful” failure to pay wages… occurs when an employer intentionally fails to pay wages to an employee when those wages are due.” Figuring out how to apply these principles to the situation at hand may be as easy as it might seem, especially since there is a complex interrelated set of rules and regulations and wage orders which have to be collectively reviewed and evaluated in this endeavor. When things get confusing, employees can get help from the best wage and hour attorney in Los Angeles.

Why do Employees in Southern California Seek a Wage and Hour Attorney in Los Angeles?

According to the Economic Policy Institute, over 2 million Americans collectively lose billions of dollars annually due to employer wage violations. While some of these violations are wilful, many often are not. There are wage laws on the books on the national, state and local level – and these laws often change. Therefore, it can be very difficult for employees to figure out of any part of their wages have been unlawfully withheld. A complimentary case evaluation can serve as an important step in helping an employee understand what the law requires and to determine if their right have been violated.

We are Wage and Hour Attorney in Los Angeles that can Help

Akopyan Law Firm, A.P.C., focuses its practice almost exclusively in employee law. We are therefore knowledgeable about and experienced in this field of law, and we can put that knowledge and experience to work for our clients who have only good things to say. We have recovered millions for our clients through our proven, experienced, practical approach and unparalleled understanding of employee law.

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