Although working from home has been a blessing for some, it has been a nightmare for others. One problem that has been created of late is the proper accounting for all the hours worked by employees. Some employers are skeptical of employees claiming to work overtime hours at home. Some employees are scared to log all their overtime hours out of fear of upsetting their employer. Regardless of the situation you are in, if you are an employee in Southern California who has questions about overtime pay you should consider calling an overtime lawyer in Los Angeles for help. An overtime lawyer in Los Angeles can analyze your specific situation and determine if you are owed any overtime pay.

Overtime in California: The Basics

Let’s start with the basics: California law requires overtime to be paid after either 40 hours in one week or eight hours in one day (with double the hourly rate to be paid after 12 hours in a single day) and for working a seventh consecutive day in any workweek. Of course, there are numerous exemptions to this requirement (some of which are mentioned below) which is one of the reasons why employees with potential overtime claims should contact an overtime lawyer in Los Angeles for help. Either overtime lawyer at the Akopyan Law Firm can quickly analyze the facts and

Exemptions to Overtime Requirement

Like many laws, there are exemptions to overtime compensation in the state of California. Sometime the exemption is based on the nature of the individual’s job while other times it is based on the industry in which the employee works. Far too often employers misclassify their employees as exempt or non exempt whether it’s done intentionally or by mistake. If you feel like you have been misclassified an overtime lawyer in Los Angeles can help.

Determining the Regular Rate of Pay

It is not always easy to determine the proper overtime rate. To determine the appropriate overtime rate, one must first identify an employee’s regular rate. An employee’s regular pay rate may be calculated on the basis of the employee’s average earnings during a workday or other period of time regularly computed for payroll purposes. An overtime lawyer in Los Angeles can help identify the regular rate and then calculate the overtime rate.

Akopyan Law May Be Able to Help

If you feel you are owed overtime, you try to find an overtime lawyer in Los Angeles, or you can call us at the Akopyan Law Firm for help.