Age-based discrimination in the workplace can take many forms. It could involve the gradual removal and replacement of an employee, or the suggestions of retirement being made by a supervisor or HR, or off-colored remarks and comments about one’s age. Regardless of the form that discrimination takes, the right employment discrimination attorney in Hollywood can help employees in the Hollywood area recover damages for the harms they have suffered.

Age discrimination in the workplace

Any employee who feels that they may have been treated badly or harassed by their employer or supervisor because of their age would likely benefit from knowing if what they went through is illegal. Although there is no requirement that a lawyer be consulted, a consultation is oftentimes the fastest way to determine if there is a case based on the facts and circumstances specific to a particular situation.

Employees who live or work in are around Hollywood, who feel that their rights may have been violated, should consider contacting an employment discrimination attorney in Hollywood for a case of valuation. A case evaluation provides the employee with an opportunity to explain the specifics of his or her situation and ask questions from an experienced professional.

An employment discrimination attorney in Hollywood that fights for his clients

Folks in Hollywood looking for an employment discrimination attorney in Hollywood to fight for them can contact the Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. for a case evaluation.

The Akopyan Law Firm operates out of its offices in Los Angeles but serves much of Southern California, including Orange, Riverside, Glendale and San Bernardino. The Akopyan Law Firm offers complimentary case evaluations and typically represents employees on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not charge a retainer or costly hourly fees. Instead, we take a percentage from the settlement or verdict. Treating clients with dignity and respect and delivering first class service helped us become one of the best age discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles.

If you are an employee that feels discriminated against, or an employer that needs help to understand your responsibilities, contact us today.