You may be wondering what exactly is religious discrimination? In the workplace, it refers to differential treatment of certain individuals based on their religious beliefs and practices. Generally speaking, the law protects employees against religious discrimination. To find out more, call a lawyer for religious discrimination in LA.

Because they developed over time, the laws protecting an employee’s rights to be free of religious discrimination and harassment come from different sources. There are a number of applicable statutes in both the federal and state systems but perhaps the most notable ones among them are Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act. Both of these statutory frameworks protect employees from mistreatment on the basis of their religion. If you work in the Los Angeles area and feel that you were treated differently because of your religion, call one of our lawyers for religious discrimination in LA for a complimentary case evaluation.

Harassment Based on Religion

Workplace harassment on the basis of religion is akin to other more common forms of workplace harassment like for example harassment on the basis of sex or race. Actions that constitute religious harassment may include making fun of an individual’s religion, mocking their religious clothing, or disparaging them based on their religious choices. When a supervisor repeatedly makes jokes or rude comments about an employee’s religion, that could constitute a hostile work environment on the basis of religion. As noted above there are Federal and State laws which protect employees, making it unlawful for their employer or supervisor to harass them or create a “hostile work environment” based on religion. Reaching out to a lawyer for religious discrimination in LA like the lawyers at the Akopyan Law Firm which serves employees in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Glendale, and Los Angeles, can be the first step in determining if what you went through is illegal.

Religious Accommodation and the Law

One issue that sometimes comes up in employment law is the employee’s right to accommodation on religious grounds. A common fact pattern involves an employer requiring an employee to work in contravention of their religious practices. Another common fact pattern involves the prohibition of religious attire. Whether or not a particular accommodation is legally required depends in large part on the specific circumstances of the specific case. Therefore, the best way to determine if your employer is required to provide a particular accommodation based on religious grounds is to contact lawyers for religious discrimination in LA.

Complimentary Case Evaluation

If you work in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Glendale, Los Angeles, or its surrounding areas and have questions about religious discrimination you are welcomed to call the Akopyan Law Firm for a complimentary case evaluation with a lawyer for religious discrimination in LA.