A healthy workplace requires a lot of work, not only on the part of employees but also on the part of management. Oftentimes people bring their personal biases into the workplace and as a result of certain predispositions, the workplace can easily devolve into a hostile environment. Management should but sometimes fails to recognize the various types of biases which can create friction, and lead to problems in the workplace. Although not as common as it once was race based bias, it’s still very much a reality which can create problems in the workplace.

Employees in the Los Angeles area can, and should, contact racial discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles, Burbank, Glendale, or elsewhere in Southern California to find out more. The following are ways you can approach racial discrimination in the workplace.

Notify Your Employer

Although it might seem scary at first, it is important for victims of racial harassment to notify their employer. One reason for doing this is to seek help from someone who is actually able to provide it. Ideally, problems can be solved and litigation can be avoided. Another reason why it’s important to notify an employer is to trigger the employer’s legal obligation to intervene. Most racial discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles will tell you that employers and California have an obligation to prevent racial discrimination from occurring. Once the employer is placed on notice of racial discrimination, it must act.

Know the Law

Most employees have no desire to create waves or do anything which might compromise their job. For this reason, they are often afraid of contacting racial discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles but knowing the law is an important first step in making sure that the employer and the harasser comply with it.

Document the Misconduct

As most racial discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles will tell you, a racial discrimination case is only as good as the evidence with which racial discrimination can be proven. Often employment cases depend on conflicting accounts of what happened, where one person will testify that a discriminatory action took place while the other will deny that it ever happened. Documentary evidence of discrimination such as for example emails and text messages can go a long way to corroborating one witness’ testimony and negating another’s.

Where to Find the Best Racial Discrimination Lawyers in Los Angeles

If you are concerned about racial discrimination at your workplace, contact the racial discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles at Akopyan Law today. We serve the Burbank, Glendale, & Los Angeles area, and we provide complimentary case evaluations.