If an employee has been working extra hours, they may be owed overtime pay for their work. While many employers comply with their legal obligation to pay overtime compensation for overtime work, situations can arise where the employer may deliberately, or otherwise, through inadvertence, fail to pay the full amount of the wages owed. In these situations, an overtime lawyer in Los Angeles may be able to help employees in Los Angeles recover what they are owed.

This blog will examine some common issues relating to overtime that come up and explain why an overtime lawyer in Los Angeles may be able to help employees in Los Angeles.

1.  What law states the overtime requirement?

There are federal, state, and local laws which govern all aspects of the employment relationship, including wage and hour law, which explain and delineate the parameters of overtime compensation. It is important to bear in mind that the laws differ from state to state, and when it comes to wage and hour law, the law can even differ from one county to the next, or even from one city to the next. With such a complex overlapping set of wage-hour laws, employers often make mistakes regarding the overtime requirements with which they are required to comply.

Because of the many rules and exceptions governing overtime pay, it is prudent to contact an overtime lawyer in Los Angeles with questions regarding overtime pay.

2.  What can an employee do if they think they’re owed overtime?

If an employee believes they are owed overtime pay and they have not received it, there are several things that they can do.

One thing that an employee could do is contact the employer. It may be difficult to muster the courage to ask the employer for more money, but on the other hand doing so may very well avoid and unnecessary legal action. It very well could be that the employer was unaware of his or her obligation to pay overtime, or the correct amount that should have been paid.

Another thing which the employee can do is pursue an administrative action through the Labor Commissioner’s Office. An administrative action can be pursued without the need for an attorney to represent the employee. This option is available and even in some cases preferable to a court action, particularly in those situations where the amount in dispute is relatively small, which might make it difficult to find a lawyer to take the case on a contingency fee basis.

Another option is to retain an overtime lawyer in Los Angeles to prosecute the civil action against the employer for unpaid wages.

3.  How can an overtime lawyer overtime lawyer in Los Angeles help?

An overtime lawyer in Los Angeles can and/or should be able to quickly determine if an employee has been denied overtime wages, which are due under the applicable law, and chart out a course of action to recover those amounts.

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The choice for an overtime lawyer in Los Angeles

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