Being pregnant is a time of joy for most people. Most expecting moms think of what gender their new baby will be; what they are going to name them; what to buy to get the nursery ready; and put together a birth plan. Expecting moms may also deal with some of the natural symptoms of the pregnancy, such as morning sickness or swollen feet. One thing expecting mothers do not want to, and should not have to, worry about is being discriminated against or, even worse, fired because of the pregnancy. Unfortunately, even in this day-and-age, pregnancy discrimination is happening more often than one would think.

Here are 5 signs of Pregnancy Discrimination to be on the lookout for if you or a loved one have become pregnant, or recently returned from a pregnancy leave:

  1. The employee is given less or much more work assignments
  1. New or more frequent and severe criticism from the employee’s supervisor
  1. Change in pay. Whereas the employee was promised a raise or promotion before she became pregnant, this opportunity suddenly disappeared afterwards
  1. The employee is singled out for less desirable assignments and not given opportunities to train without any reasonable explanation
  1. The employee is suddenly excluded from social functions or meetings

The best way for any employee to figure out if they are being subjected to illegal Pregnancy Discrimination is to consult an experienced employment lawyer. An attorney well versed in employment law, should be able to quickly determine if the conduct is illegal, and chart out the proper course of action to protect the employee and her rights.

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