If you are reading this, then chances are you feel you are the victim of sexual harassment. Whether it comes in the form of inappropriate comments or unwelcome touching, sexual harassment is a serious problem for individuals across genders in and out of the workplace. As many as 81% of women claim to have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their life. If you have told yourself, “there are sexual harassment attorneys near me who can help,” but are unsure when to contact a sexual harassment lawyer, here are some things you should consider:

What is Sexual Harassment?

Any unwelcome and sexually suggestive comments, requests for sexual favors, or inappropriate touching that makes you uncomfortable can constitute workplace sexual harassment. If you have experienced anything like this, then it may not be a bad idea to start searching for “sexual harassment attorneys near me.” It is important to remember that not every seemingly inappropriate comment will constitute actual sexual harassment. To determine if you have a sexual harassment case, you should speak to a lawyer and get a professional opinion.

How Can a Sexual Harassment Lawyer Help?

So, you have finally come to a decision and said to yourself, “I will speak to one of the sexual harassment attorneys near me.” That is an important first step. Still, though, you are probably wondering what to expect after contacting a lawyer. You may ask, “how exactly will the sexual harassment attorneys near me help?” What can a lawyer do even if I hire one?

Sexual harassment attorneys can do more than just file and prosecute a lawsuit. If you search for a “sexual harassment attorney near me” and find one in your area, you can receive the benefit of his or her advice on how to deal with your situation and potentially avoid litigation. For example, a sexual harassment lawyer may review your employee handbook or other similar documents and advise you on how and whom to report the sexual harassment to at your company. A good sexual harassment attorney can give you advice on how you can demand an investigation, and how to deal with the investigation once it is hopefully commenced. A good sexual harassment attorney can give guidance on what to document and how to document so that if you are ultimately forced to make a claim, you will have the evidence you need to prove your case.

Furthermore, even if the problem is addressed by your employer and remedial action is taken to prevent the continuing harassment, your search for a “good sexual harassment attorney near me” will have served its purpose. Since most do not charge a fee for an initial consultation, you have nothing to lose.

When to Talk to a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

If you have been telling yourself, “I need to speak with one of the sexual harassment attorneys near me,” then now is the time to make that call because it is not very common for the harassment to just stop on its own or for the harasser to become a decent person overnight and leave you alone. Talk to a lawyer. He or she can help stop your suffering. Visit our website to learn more.