Sexual harassment, and the prevention thereof, is something that all employers should take very seriously. Training employees on sexual harassment protocols and expectations is an important step towards preventing and addressing incidents of unlawful sexual harassment in the workplace.

Here are five reasons why sexual harassment training is important:

1. For Some Folks It is Required by Law:

California law requires covered employers to provide at least two hours of classroom or other effective interactive training and education regarding sexual harassment to all supervisory employees and at least one hour of classroom or other effective interactive training and education regarding sexual harassment to all non-supervisory employees in California. Thereafter, each covered employer must provide sexual harassment training and education to each employee in California once every two years. New nonsupervisory employees must be provided with training within six months of hire. New supervisory employees shall be provided training within six months of the assumption of a supervisory position. An employer may provide this training in conjunction with other training provided to the employees. The training may be completed by employees individually or as part of a group presentation, and may be completed in shorter segments, as long as the applicable hourly total requirement is met.

2. It Can Discourage Unwanted Behavior:

By providing training to employees regarding sexual harassment, employers can train their employees regarding what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t. This can help avoid potential problems before they even occur.

3. It Reduces the Risk of Unlawful Harassment Taking Place in The Workplace:

By training staff regarding with specific types of conduct which are not allowed in the workplace, an employer can provide victims of workplace harassment with the information and knowledge to know that their rights have been violated, if and when if that happens. Instead of wondering if what they are experiencing is unlawful or otherwise improper, victims will know that they have rights, and what to do about it when those rights have been violated.

4. It Builds Respectful Relationships:

By teaching employees how to respect boundaries, sexual harassment training can build a professional atmosphere free of sexual harassment, which is a win-win for all because it will likely ultimately lead to a more productive workforce, with fewer incidents of improper conduct.

5. It Can Help Create A Workplace Free of Unlawful Harassment:

By equipping employees with the knowledge needed to identify inappropriate behavior, sexual harassment training can help create a professional work envirornment free of unlawful harassment.

These are just five of many reasons why sexual harassment training is important. Employers would do well to invest in comprehensive training programs that teach their employees about sexual harassment and related issues. Employers can and should provide guidelines to their employees so that everyone knows their rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

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