What is Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

We all have to make a living, and most of us have to work to do so. As a result, workplaces thrive with the effort of people of different genders, ethnicities, ages, and experiences. Usually, we try to get along with our co-workers and have a pleasant workplace. However, sometimes things can happen in the workplace that crosses the line into inappropriate sexual harassment. When that happens, the victim can experience a flurry of thoughts: Should I just wait for this to pass; would reporting compromise my job security; do I go to my employer or to another professional authority; do I need a sexual harassment in the workplace lawyer?

One of the more common, if not most common, forms of inappropriate behavior is sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can be unwanted sexual gestures or advances, often persistent (also known as a “hostile work environment”); an offer of a “quid pro quo” in exchange for a raise or career advancement opportunities; or verbal or physical gestures of a sexual nature, including unwanted comments or sexual compliments. In the United States, sexual harassment is commonplace among both men and women, with a 2010 study indicating that 79% of victims are women, and 21% are men. According to the United States Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC), sexual harassment qualifies as workplace discrimination, is illegal, and is therefore actionable with the help of a sexual harassment in the workplace lawyer.

Employment Standards for Sexual Harassment.

Because of the prevalence of sexual harassment (in the study cited above, 88% of women reported being harassed) and the liability involved in claims, your employer should have a comprehensive sexual harassment policy in place. Your employer should be the first line of defense for reporting an incident of sexual harassment, and it can often be handled internally. Understandably, however, that is often not an option, particularly if the harasser is in a position of administrative authority. That’s when you need a sexual harassment in the workplace lawyer.

Should I Get Legal Counsel?

The simple answer is yes. Often employees attempt to do it on there own, but there are many places to make a mistake without an experienced sexual harassment attorney by your side. First, you need to file an administrative claim with either the EEOC or the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. Doing so will require you to provide details such as the time of the incident(s), dates and times of contact with your workplace human resources department about the incident, and evidence of measures to rectify the situation. There are various deadlines you need to keep in mind when filing such an administrative claim and various deadlines you need to follow after filing such a claim in proceeding with a harassment lawsuit. Thus, it is important to engage in the help of a sexual harassment in the workplace lawyer so all deadlines are complied with.

What Should I Look for in a Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Lawyer?

Hiring a sexual harassment in the workplace lawyer can be a harrowing and intimidating notion since most of us are not used to dealing with litigious matters on a day-to-day basis, but there are a few basic things to keep in mind to help you select an effective sexual harassment attorney. Your attorney should show empathy and compassion toward your plight. A sensitive and caring attorney will guide you through the steps and make the process as easy as possible. Your attorney should be analytical, a good listener, and concerned with detail. Your attorney should have some repute through experience in previous legal matters. Finally, your attorney should have experience and have gotten great results in similar cases in the past. Look for what her/his clients have to say about her/him.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Lawyer in Los Angeles.

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