Most people know to be on the lookout for harassment (including at work) but harassment is not always clear cut. There may be times when it is difficult to discern if a particular experience constitutes an act of harassment under the law. Was a particular comment a joke or a sexual advance? Was a particular touch accidental? Is my personal space being invaded, or is this normal? These types of questions leave employees wondering if what they are going through is improper. The fact that there are so many different state and federal laws in California that govern conduct in the workplace makes even more difficult to figure out if the law has been violated. Indeed, even a harasser may not even know or understand that what they are doing is against the law! Employees looking for “sexual harassment attorneys near me” often ask questions like those listed above, as well as those listed below. These questions may help employees gain clarity, but a consult with an experienced attorney is always the better way to get answers. Our initial consultation is always complimentary, and we welcome employees from Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Glendale, and elsewhere in Los Angeles to call.

In California is workplace sexual harassment limited to touching?

No. Sexual harassment is not limited to just physical conduct. It can include verbal and non-physical conduct as well. Unwanted touching is clearly harassment, but so are:

• Propositioning sex in exchange for advancement in the workplace

• Sexually charged comments

• Badgering someone to go out on a date

In California, are women the only employees who can bring claims for workplace sexual harassment?

No. Men can be victims of sexual harassment in the workplace also.

In California, can my employer fire me for complaining about what I think is workplace sexual harassment?

No. In the state of California, the Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibits an employer from firing or taking retaliatory action against an employee for complaining about sexual harassment.

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