Unpaid wages are a major issue for hourly and even salaried workers. Often, these workers are unfairly compensated for their time, especially in ways that may be unclear according to their understanding of their rights as workers. This is why more and more people are turning to an unpaid wages attorney to help them get the money they deserve for the work that they have done.

Sometimes, when we think about unpaid wages, we think solely of an employer disputing hours worked. However, the wage/hour law is very complicated and an experience unpaid wages attorney can help you understand your rights and can help you get the wages that you deserve.

Some common unpaid wage claims include:

• failing to pay minimum wage

• uncompensated for “off-the-clock” work

• not being paid for breaks or not being allowed to take legally required breaks

• not getting paid for untaken vacation hours

• not being paid for the time that you need to put on or take off work-related safety gear or uniforms

• unfair compensation for overtime, including premiums paid for working overtime

• being forced to travel for work-related activities and not being compensated for that time

So how can an unpaid wages attorney help you? Armed with the knowledge of how these cases work and a desire to get you the justice you deserve, your attorney can help you figure out precisely what you are owed and why.

The sad truth is that many workers who have unpaid wages feel powerless to take strong legal action, either because of lack of compensation or intimidation by their employers. If your rights have been violated, you should be fairly compensated for the work you have done. By working with an unpaid wages attorney, you can fight back and vindicate your rights. Take back the power from your employer. Professionals and experienced unpaid wages attorneys can ensure that your rights are respected and that your employer understands the value of your time and effort.

If you think your rights have been violated and you are owed wages from your employer, then you will likely need the services of an unpaid wages attorney. Without the legal counsel and advice of a professional, you will lose your rights. At Akopyan Law Firm, we work tirelessly to ensure that the rights of workers are vindicated and that they get the compensation they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about your rights and how to fight effectively for your unpaid wages.