If you have ever been unexpectedly terminated from your job, you know that it can be a traumatizing experience that can complicate your life in a major way, and lead to worry about the future and how to get by financially. For those who feel that their termination was wrongful things can be even more traumatizing. Some folks feel that they didn’t deserve to be fired, while others disagree with the reason for the termination. If you believe that you have been terminated wrongfully, then it may be in your best interest to find yourself an attorney for wrongful termination to see if your termination was not only wrong in the moral sense, but also in a legal sense.

What is A Wrongful Termination?

The first question you may want to ask an attorney for wrongful termination is when exactly is a termination of employment wrongful in a legal sense. Most folks feel that a termination is wrong anytime that you disagree with the termination decision. Unfortunately, that is not the law provides. The phrase “wrongful termination” is a term of art. The elements of a claim for wrongful discharge in violation of public policy are (1) an employer-employee relationship, (2) the employer terminated the plaintiff’s employment, (3) the termination was substantially motivated by a violation of public policy, and (4) the discharge caused the plaintiff harm. While the first, second, and fourth element of the claim may be easy to determine, the third element is not. The best way for an employee to determine if his or her termination was substantially motivated by a violation of public policy is to contact an attorney for wrongful termination.

How to File a Wrongful Termination Claim

Assuming that your termination was wrongful in a legal sense, an attorney for wrongful termination can help frame, file, and prosecute your case. Determining if there is a case is one thing, but prosecuting a case is something that is entirely different. An attorney for wrongful termination will likely be far more experienced in handling a wrongful termination case because he or she likely deals with this area of the law on a routine and repeated basis. Without the assistance of an attorney for wrongful termination, you may end up fighting an up-hill battle because your employer will likely have their own competent lawyers attempting to disprove your claims.

Looking for a Wrongful Termination Attorney?

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