When someone is unexpectedly let go from work, it can sometimes feel like his or her life has been upended. Just like that, everything changes, including but not limited to career goals, and financial security. If you or a loved one has recently gone through this unpleasant experience, you/he/she may want to consider whether or not there is any legal recourse, especially if the termination was wrongful in any way. If you or a loved one feels that the termination was unlawful and wish to get a professional case evaluation, please contact us and speak with a wrongful termination employment lawyer. Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. is based in Burbank, but serves clients throughout Glendale, Los Angeles, and the rest of Southern California. Here are three themes that sometimes arise when evaluating wrongful termination cases.

Retaliatory Termination of Employment

One common scenario which sometimes leads to wrongful termination claims being brought by employees is a situation where the employee engages and some activity which is protected by law (like for example when an employee complains about unlawful harassment or illegal conduct) because of which the employer terminates the employee. There are several whistleblower statutes which make it unlawful for employers to retaliate against employees, and if a termination of Employment violates one of these statutes or the public policy behind the statutes, then the employee may very well have a claim for wrongful termination of employment and violation of public policy. If an employee engaged in some conduct which he or she believes was protected and was thereafter fired as a result, he/she should consider a consultation with a wrongful termination employment lawyer.

Discriminatory Termination of Employment

There are state and federal laws which protect employees against discrimination on the basis of one of their protected characteristics, such as, for example, race, religion, disability, etc. If an employee is terminated from his job based on one of the protected characteristics set forth in both the state or federal law, then the termination of his or her employment may be wrongful in the legal sense. A wrongful termination employment lawyer Can review the facts and circumstances of a specific termination to determine if it was unlawful.

Termination Based on a Mistake

Regrettably, employers sometimes decide to let employees go for reasons which are at least partly false. Naturally, when this happens, the employee who loses his or her job feels like they have been wronged. Needless to say, however, not every termination based on some mistake made by the employer is actionable as a wrongful termination of employment. A wrongful termination employment lawyer could help determine whether or not a particular termination was not only wrong but also actionable.

Conclusion: Get a consultation with a wrongful termination employment lawyer

These are just a few issues that arise or could potentially lead to a wrongful termination consultation. Every case is unique and is based on its own unique set of facts. For this reason, any employee who feels like their rights may have been violated should consider calling a wrongful termination employment lawyer. If you’ve been terminated recently and you want to find out if you have a case that we can help with, give us a call for a complimentary case evaluation, especially if you are in Burbank, Glendale or Los Angeles. Click here to learn more.