It’s never fun to get fired from a job. There are many reasons why an employer may choose to terminate the employment relationship with it’s employee, many of which are perfectly legal even if unpleasant for the employee. On the other hand, the law recognizes that an employer may not terminate and employee for certain reasons, like for example that employee’s protected characteristics (such as age or race for example), as well as the employee’s engagement in protected activities (like for example taking pregnancy leave, or complaining about unlawful activities). The fastest way to get answers is to contact an unlawful termination attorneys for help.

But what exactly is unlawful termination under the law? How can unlawful termination attorneys help a person who has experienced this treatment? Here are some frequently asked questions that often come up following a termination of employment:

What is unlawful termination?

California is an “at-will” state, meaning that an employer can generally fire or terminate an employee for any reason, a mistaken reason, or for no reason at all, so long as the employer does not terminate the employee for the reasons which the law specifically prohibits. As a result of this, employers enjoy very broad discretion in deciding who they want to employ or continue to employ. Just as the employee can quit his or her job at any time for any reason, the employer can also leave the employment relationship for any reason, subject to certain exceptions.

Although employers enjoy broad discretion and determining who they want to employ, or continue to employ, that discretion is not without limits. There are a variety of laws that provide protections to certain individuals based on some of their characteristics, as well as some of the things that they have done. Although an employee who just got fired from his or her job as the option of trying to conduct the research on their own and figuring out whether their rights have been violated, it is far more efficient in most cases for them to contact unlawful termination attorneys for a consultation.

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How to find unlawful termination attorneys

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