According to Reuters Health, nearly 1 in 18 women and 1 in 40 men in America have been victimized in the workplace by sexual harassment.

What is sexual harassment?

As confirmed by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) it is “unlawful to harass a person (applicant or employee) because of their sex.” Sexual harassment comes in many forms. It can include unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors, and verbal and/or physical harassment that is sexual in nature. The incidents do not have to be purely about sex or even touching. Unlawful sexual harassment can also include offensive remarks aimed at a person’s gender and looks.

Harassers can be male or female, and so can their victims

While sexual harassment in the workplace often occurs when a man in a position of power abuses that position to coerce a female employee, it is important to recognize that both men and women can be the harassers. Along the same lines, both men and women can be the victims.

Impact of sexual harassment

Even though the victim of the harasser did not ask for or invite the abuse, the incidents leave them feeling shame, or even a sense of responsibility. Since they are not in a position of strength, many feel they must put up with the abuse to avoid adverse consequences such as job loss, ridicule, not being believed, reputation loss, hours cut, etc. The mental impact can also be severe; the abused employee can feel depressed, feel humiliated, suffer from bouts of anxiety, develop eating disorders, and experience a severe decline in mental health.

How to stop the abuse

Get help! If the victim employee has not considered searching for a “workplace harassment lawyer near me” they maybe he or she should. A sexual harassment attorney can help. Workplace harassment attorneys help their clients navigate the emotionally difficult and sometimes intimidating road to freedom from workplace harassment. A workplace harassment lawyer can explain the law and, and when necessary, represent the victim in court.

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