Each of the attorneys at the Akopyan Law Firm, A.P.C. has spent almost two decades representing folks whose jobs have been wrongfully terminated by their employers. We have met, worked with, and helped people from all walks of life, working all sorts of jobs, in all sorts of industries, for all sorts of employers. We have helped a lot of folks over the years through the unpleasant and oftentimes difficult process of losing a job or career and dealing with the consequences that flow therefrom.

Needless to say, each case is unique, and the experience of a wrongfully terminated employee can be very different from the experience of another wrongfully terminated employee.

For example, some folks suffer an immense amount of emotional trauma, while others may feel a sense of relief. Similarly, some folks might face extreme financial difficulties as a result of being wrongfully terminated from their jobs, while others are more financially stable and therefore less dependent on their income from their job.

The consequences which flow from the wrongful termination of one’s employment can vary greatly. Each wrongfully terminated employee is unique, as is their situation. Therefore, each wrongful termination case is unique. That being said, however, the most common consequences which flow to wrongfully terminated employees are the following:

Three Common Wrongful Termination Consequences

  1. It is commonplace for employees to suffer emotional distress, mental anguish, and other “psychic” injury as a result of being wrongfully terminated from their jobs. Although less susceptible to precise measurement than more tangible pecuniary losses or physical injuries would be, emotional distress is no less real or worthy of compensation.
  2. It is also common for employees to lose income as a result of being wrongfully terminated from their jobs. Backpay refers to the amount that the plaintiff would have earned but for the wrongful termination, minus the amount that the plaintiff did earn or could have earned if he or she had mitigated the loss by seeking or securing other comparable employment.
  3. Sometimes wrongfully terminated employees are unable to find a job comparable to the one they lost by the time their case gets to trial. Front pay refers to the salary and benefits a wrongfully discharged plaintiff would have earned from the employment after the trial.

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