It almost goes without saying that the way in which people work these days has been completely changed and upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. While wage and hour issues existed before the pandemic the extensive transition to telecommuting in Southern California following the COVID-19 pandemic has created a whole new host of issues for a wage and hour attorney in Los Angeles ( to address. Here are just a few things that employees can do to make sure they are paid for their work in compliance with applicable wage and hour laws.

Maintain Records

Every experienced wage and hour attorney will tell you that accurate time records are an important component of any wage and hour case. Therefore, is it important for both employers and employees to maintain detailed accurate records pertaining to the hours worked by an employee. This means making sure that all start and end times are accurately logged and documented, and that all meal and rest periods are properly documented. For employees in Southern California, evidence which shows the actual days, times, and hours worked by an employee will help his or her wage and hour attorney in Los Angeles properly evaluate the case.

Contact a Wage and Hour Attorney in Los Angeles

If you work in Southern California, have maintained accurate records and otherwise done everything that you should have, and are still unable to persuade your employer to pay you the wages you are owed, then it may be a good time to contact a wage and hour attorney in Los Angeles for a consultation.

The team of wage and hour lawyers at the Akopyan Law Firm has decades of experience dealing with a wide variety of wage and hour issues. Our team has experience fighting on behalf of employees to help them recover the wages they have earned. Each of the attorneys at the Akopyan Law Firm has also handled employment cases on behalf of employers. If you have you are dealing with wage and hour issues and are unsure on the best way to proceed you are welcomed to contact our team. With the help of a wage and hour attorney in Los Angeles you can explore your options and determine the best way to move forward towards resolving your case.