Unfortunately, many employers have a strong bias in favor of younger employees, especially in certain industries such as information technology. According to some sources, seven of the top eighteen tech companies in Silicon Valley have a median employee age of less than thirty. So how can an older worker get a fair shot? This blog post touches upon a couple of strategies that may help an older worker deal with potential age discrimination in the process of a job interviews, including knowing when it is time to contact an age discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Interviews are a great time to demonstrate curiosity and your willingness to be part of a team (and perhaps lead one). Sometimes, questions are asked that feel ageist, but it can be an opportunity to demonstrate your value—and smooth over any age-based reservations that interviewers may secretly harbor. If asked a question that seems suggestive of age discrimination or an age based bias, ask for clarification. A simple, “That’s interesting, can you explain that a bit more?” can show a willingness to engage and can perhaps change their outlook. It also gives them the benefit of the doubt and a chance to reframe what they’re asking.

Think About Collaboration

Many newer companies and younger employees think of teamwork as less hierarchical than their older counterparts. This means job titles mean less than a willingness to be part of a team and to hand in good work on time. This is especially true as remote work comes to dominate many sectors of the economy.

For many interviewers considering older candidates, there is a worry that they will work in a dominant, top-down approach that they fear may not be as productive with younger employees. If you show a willingness to both participate and lead in a less hierarchical manner, you can demonstrate that you have experience and flexibility in your role.

When to Call an Age Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles

If you feel that your interview was marred by age discrimination, and especially if you feel it impacted the ultimate decision, then you should consider contacting an age discrimination lawyer for a consultation. The Akopyan Law Firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of employees. If you believe your interview was unfair due to age discrimination, then one of our experienced and dedicated age discrimination lawyers can evaluate your case and recommend a path forward.

If your rights have been violated based on your age, then one of our age discrimination lawyers can help you get the justice you deserve. Our firm works on contingency, meaning we get paid only when we deliver results. The Akopyan Law Firm is in Burbank, but it takes cases throughout southern California, including Glendale, and Los Angeles. Contact us today for a case evaluation.