Since California is an at-will employment state, an employer can terminate its employee without cause. However, being at-will does not give an employer a blank state to fire whomever they please, whenever they please, for whatever reason they please. In California employees are protected from being fired based on a protected characteristic or in response to protected activity. Akopyan Law Firm A.P.C. has employee wrongful termination lawyers that can help anyone who findings themselves dealing with such a situation.

Is The Termination Illegal, or Just Plain Wrong?

Most employees who are fired by their employers feel that the termination is wrongful. However, wrongful termination is a term of art which does not mean the termination for reasons which are incorrect or mistaken. A common fact pattern involves an employee getting fired for doing something which they did not do but wish their employer believes they did. The mere fact that an employer made a mistake about something and based on that mistake then fired the employee, it does not necessarily mean that the employee can sue. The best way to determine if a particular termination of employment Violates the law is to contact employee wrongful termination lawyers.

What Do I Do First?

A complimentary case evaluation with employee wrongful termination lawyers is an important first step too quickly finding out whether or not a particular termination violates the law. Because this area of the law is so nuanced, the knowledge and training of a skilled employee wrongful termination lawyer can help an employee quickly determine if his rights or her rights have been violated.

What To Do Before My Case Evaluation

The more information you provide to employee wrongful termination lawyers the better equipped they will be to utilize that information to protect your rights. Therefore, it is always a good idea to start by collecting all of the relevant documents and putting together the chronological timeline of events before the meeting. In this way, voluminous information can be quickly analyzed and liability and damages can be identified and determined.

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