Do you believe that your employer has not been paying you all the wages that you are owed? Have you looked through your check stubs only to find that you are being paid less than what you earned? It may be time for you to consider consulting with an unpaid wages attorney to find out if how to recover the unpaid wages you are owed.

A Consultation with An Unpaid Wages Attorney Can Lead to The Discovery of Other Violations

Unpaid wages generally refer to wages that have been earned by the employee but not paid by the employer within the timeframe required by law. Essentially it is the amount of money owed to you by the employer for work that you have already performed. To find out more, contact an unpaid wages attorney near you. You might find out from the unpaid wages lawyer that your employer has violated other legal requirements relating to wages, like for example any one or more of the following:

● Overtime violations

● Minimum wage violations

● Meal period violations

● Rest period violations

● Misclassification

● “After Hours” Work

● Illegal payroll deductions

● Unpaid reimbursements

Are There Any Limits On When I Can File A Lawsuit to Recover Unpaid Wages?

If you suspect that your employer did not pay you all the wages you have earned, you should consult an unpaid wages attorney immediately to ensure that your claim is filed timely. Please bear in mind that there are several time deadlines that must be complied with in order to protect your rights. Statutes of limitation limit the timeframe within which civil action can be filed. Please be advised that if you don’t file an action in the appropriate forum on or before the relevant deadline date, any rights you do have will expire and be forever lost. Each factual situation and case is different and likely has different time deadlines within which you must comply. Time deadlines are generally applicable to certain situations but, each has exceptions in their application to certain facts, therefore, the time deadlines can be shorter or longer in your situation. The statutes of limitation are not always clear, so contacting an unpaid wages lawyer promptly is advisable.

How Much Am I Owed in Back Pay?

Depending on the cause of the back pay or unpaid wages, what you are owed may be slightly different. If the error was unintentional, then you are owed the unpaid wages from the miscalculation plus interest on the unpaid wage of up to 10% per year. If the error was due to a violation of labor code, then you are owed the unpaid wages from the miscalculation, plus interested on the unpaid wages of up to 10% per year, plus an hour’s wages per mandatory meal or real breaks that went unpaid, plus a reasonable unpaid wages attorney’s fees and court costs. If the violations were intentional with malice, then you are eligible for double damages.

Can I Recover Anything Else Other Than My Unpaid Wages

If you are owed unpaid wages, you may be entitled to recover compensation that goes beyond the exact amount of wages you earned, but were not paid. Depending on your case, you may be entitled to recover interest and penalties. An unpaid wages attorney can analyze your specific situation and explain to you the type of relief that is available to you, given your specific situation.

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