Imagine this scenario: You are involved in a car accident. Your car is smashed. You are in physical pain. You walk out of your car and talk to the other driver involved in the collision. You come to find out that the other driver who caused the collision does not even have automobile insurance. Your day just went from bad to worse. If you ever find yourself in this unpleasant situation stay calm and don’t panic because you still have options.

It is true, that drivers in California are required to carry a minimum auto insurance policy. It is also true that some simply don’t. If you are in a collision with such a driver it is important to remember to do the following:

Find out if the other driver was driving in the course of his employment, and if so, get all the information about his employer. Make sure to get the name and contact information of the employer because even if the driver has no insurance, his employer very well might.

Next, obtain and review the complete copy of your own insurance policy including the declarations page and any addendums to find out the coverages you may or may not have your own policy.

Finally, promptly consult a competent personal injury attorney, taking with you all of the documentation and information you compiled. That attorney will examine your case and your policy and determine if you qualify for uninsured coverage under your own policy and/or have coverage for your medical expenses. The attorney will also explore other avenues of insurance coverage, which may cover some of the losses you have sustained.

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