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There are times in our lives when a sudden traumatic event can turn everything upside down. Performing something routine and mundane – like driving a car or walking on a sidewalk – can sometimes lead to catastrophic results. An accident can cause you bodily injuries, take a lot of your time, cause you to lose income, and even result in emotional harm and/or pain and suffering. Such tragedy can befall even the most careful among us. Despite your best to be safe and careful, you can get hurt and/or injured due to the negligence of another. Where someone else’s negligence causes you to suffer harm, you can take action to recover fair compensation for your injuries with the help of a personal injury attorney.

What is a Personal Injury Attorney?

A personal injury attorney is an advocate who represents the interests of individuals who suffer injuries because of someone else’s negligence. A personal injury attorney can help file a lawsuit for damages against negligent parties. Experienced personal injury lawyers have the skill necessary to get the maximum compensation available under the law to compensate injury victims for the harms they have suffered.

Procuring the services of a personal injury attorney is a relatively simple process. Following a few steps will go a long way towards a favorable outcome in your case.

Steps in the Personal Injury Claim Process

#1:  Gather Evidence Regarding Your General Damages

A sudden traumatic injury often means a trip to the emergency room or urgent medical care. The attending nurse or doctor will evaluate your injury and provide a diagnosis, treatment, and timeline for recovery in a discharge summary, which you can use to access your medical records. Records should also be kept for any follow ups with specialists for treatment or tests. Since a personal injury attorney will need evidence to support your claim for general damages, gathering, and maintaining all of the medical records and related documents is crucial.

#2:  Gather Evidence Regarding Your Specific Damages

Personal injuries can cause more than just physical injuries. They can cause the victim to lose wages, and in many cases, property damage. It is important to gather documentary evidence which supports your claim for wage loss, property damage, and any other out of pocket expenses and losses. Since a personal injury attorney will need evidence to support your claim for special damages, collecting evidence of those damages is very important.

#3:  Identify All Potentially Responsible Parties

It is important for you to identify every person or party that may potentially be at fault. To do this you should obtain a copy of any incident report or traffic collision report, or any other applicable report that identifies all the parties that are involved in the incident. In the case of a car accident, the identify and contact information of the parties involved including their driver’s license and plate number, will go a long way in helping your personal injury attorney develop your case.

#4:  Review the Case with a Personal Injury Attorney

Once you have gathered all of your evidence and identified all the relevant parties you should seek a consultation with a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney will meet with you to discuss options, deal with the insurance companies and if a necessary to do so file a lawsuit in court.

Personal Injury Attorney in Burbank

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