Even though it has been illegal for decades, age discrimination is a problem which continues to affect many older workers and job applicants in this day and age. Unfortunately, many hiring managers are not thrilled to recruit Baby Boomer job applicants looking for work in the job market. This sometimes stems from the misconception that older workers are outdated or “over the hill” or “too close to retirement” or one of many other misconceptions that serve to place older workers at a disadvantage. Not to despair, there are several methods through which Baby Boomers can remain competitive and successful in the workplace. If after reviewing this information, more information is needed regarding a particular situation, an age discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles can provide legal advice and counseling.

General Ways of Dealing with Age Based Animus Without Resorting to Litigation

Flip the script! Baby Boomers or other older workers can and should emphasize their strengths to potential employers. While being an older worker may be considered a negative attribute by some, it can be considered as an advantage, particularly in terms of experience and knowledge. A good way to do this is to Showcase a good work history, highlight major achievements, accomplishments, certifications, and other relevant credentials, and focus on transferable skills that have been acquired over the years.

Next, Baby Boomers or other older workers can and should stay up-to-date with current trends relevant to their industry. For example, a younger person can easily assume that older workers lack digital literacy or know of cutting-edge scientific advances relevant to the job — but nothing could be further from the truth! Displaying a deep understanding and thorough knowledge about current affairs can go a long way to alleviating concerns and negating ageist predispositions, as well as demonstrating a commitment to one’s work and career.

Finally, regardless of one’s age, one should not underestimate the importance of networking! Cultivating relationships with valuable contacts within the industry is an excellent way for Baby Boomers and other workers to increase their visibility among potential employers in the industry, which can potentially lead to better job prospects down the road (or even just conversations about current opportunities). Whether it’s joining professional associations or getting involved in the local chapter of one’s trade group, getting out there and talking shop with those within reach can open doors one never would have thought possible.

Is Age Discrimination in the Workplace Legal in California?

Baby Boomers and other older workers should know that age discrimination in the workplace is illegal under both state and federal law. Anyone experiencing age discrimination in the workplace should contact an age discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles for legal advice which is custom tailored to the specific situation. However, as a general proposition it bears noting that:

Age discrimination is prohibited by California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”). The FEHA protects people against discrimination in terms of employment and housing. Of course, there are many other laws that prohibit age discrimination in a variety of other contexts. However, in terms of the workplace, the Fair Employment and Housing Act is instructive. All employers who have five or more employees are subject to the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Those employers who have less than five employees may nevertheless get into hot water for discriminating against employees on the basis of age, but for the Fair Employment and Housing Act to apply to an employer, the employer must have at least 5 employees.

Employers with five or fewer employees are not subject to the Fair Employment and Housing Act. However, separate and apart from the statutory framework, there exists case law and common law which creates liability based upon an employer’s abuse, mistreatment, or termination of an employee on the basis of age. For example, an employer with less than 5 employees may be liable to a wrongful termination claim for firing an employee on the basis of his or her age being 40 or older.

Employees in Southern California who suspect they have been the victim of age discrimination should always seek advice from an age discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles. Age discrimination is a serious violation of state and federal law and employees have the right to pursue legal action against their employer if their rights have been violated. A knowledgeable attorney can help evaluate the facts of the case and determine whether the facts create actionable liability. An experienced age discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles can also provide guidance on the types of remedies which may be available, and on how to pursue those remedies effectively and successfully.

When to Seek Help Fighting Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Fighting age discrimination doesn’t have to be difficult. Go into the arena fully armed with all the weapons needed for success, including above all an experienced and talented age discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles! Trying to deal with age discrimination on one’s own can potentially damage the outcome of a potential lawsuit. It is, for this reason, safer to seek the advice of an age discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles when disputes like this arise.

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