When an employee becomes disabled that disability often creates an unanticipated inconvenience to the employer. Even though the law requires employers to engage in a good faith interactive process to identify reasonable accommodations for the disability, employers sometimes choose to go through the motions and pretend like they are trying to accommodate an employee while in truth they are simply paying lip service instead of engaging meaningfully. This can sometimes be a form of disability discrimination, and the right kind of attorney can help. That’s why getting help from the right “ so important.

Here are a few things to consider about disability discrimination in the workplace.

What is “Good Faith”?

Whether or not a particular employer is engaging in the process of identifying potential accommodations in good faith is a question of fact which must be analyzed on a case by case basis.

How Can a Disability Discrimination Lawyer Help?

An experienced employment lawyer can readily analyze the facts of each case, and evaluate various factors to determine if the employer has, in a legal sense, fail to engage in a good faith interactive process as required by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.

There are so many difficulties that people with disabilities need to overcome, that they shouldn’t also have to navigate the legal system on their own. That’s where a disability discrimination attorney comes in. Experienced employment lawyers are available to help people with disabilities get justice.

A No-Risk Disability Discrimination Lawyer Near Me

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