Being in a car accident is a scary and traumatic experience. Beyond just damage to your vehicle, you could also be physically or emotionally injured. Dealing with insurance companies is intimidating and worrisome. The whole situation from the moment the accident happens to the final resolution is incredibly stressful. It is important that you hire a strong auto accident lawyer to help you to recover maximum compensation under the law. A strong auto accident lawyer, like those at Akopyan Law in Los Angeles can help you do that.

Hold the Guilty Parties Accountable

A good auto accident lawyer can help you identify all responsible parties and hold them accountable under the law. Every accident is unique. Each requires its own specific work up. An experienced auto accident lawyer can analyze the facts of a particular case and determine who is responsible for the injuries under the law. You might be surprised to know that it could be someone other than the driver of the other vehicle. For example it could be the employer of the driver, the parents if the driver, and the person who supplied alcohol if the driver was impaired.

An experienced auto accident lawyer can quickly identify the appropriate defendants in your case and pursue claims against them and their insurance companies to get you maximum compensation for the harm you have suffered.

Receive Full Compensation

Auto accident lawyers use their experience and determination to help make sure you receive the full compensation that you deserve. They are experienced with working and negotiating with insurance companies. The strong auto accident lawyers at Akopyan Law will not let the insurance companies short-change you.

Most insurance companies will settle for much more than they initially offer. A good auto accident lawyer should be able to secure a much higher offer from the insurance company, than the one you get on your own without representation. In fact, insurance companies often reassign the claim to a different adjuster as soon as they find out the injured party is represented. This indicates that they are elevating the claim. Auto accident lawyers can help seek all of the different types of damages you are entitled to – much more than just property damage. This can include pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of earning capacity, and medical bills all of which should be compensated fairly.

Ability to Go to Trial

A strong auto accident lawyer will not be afraid to take your case to court. If the insurance company will not offer fair terms, your lawyer needs to be prepared to argue the case in court. A successful litigator will have many years of experience in the courts and an impressive track record of winning cases for their clients.

It is very important to consult with an experienced and strong auto accident lawyer if you’ve had a traumatic experience in an auto accident. Not only will they help to navigate the complicated insurance company settlement process, but they will also fight for you in the courts if needed. You will gain peace of mind by allowing a strong auto accident lawyer to represent your case.

The experienced auto accident lawyers at Akopyan Law work on a contingency fee basis so they do not get paid unless you get a settlement. They care about their clients and they care about justice. Contact them for a complimentary case evaluation.