If you’re being discriminated against because of your disability, then you may want to consult a disability discrimination lawyer about your rights. If you do not know one personally and are unable to get a referral from a reliable source, then you may consider running an online search for “disability discrimination lawyer near me” but your search will likely produce so many results that you may have a hard time picking the right candidate. How do you know you’re hiring a good lawyer? Here are three things to consider:

1.  Solid Understanding of the Applicable Law

One important factor to look for is a solid understanding and knowledge of the applicable law. A Disability Discrimination Lawyer that knows the law cold will have the knowledge needed quickly to identify and determine issues of liability. You most definitely should look for an attorney who has a lot of experience with similar cases. Not only will you feel comfortable working with someone who understands your case as well as the law, you will feel confident knowing that your lawyer knows exactly how to help you.

2.  When Searching for A “Disability Discrimination Lawyer near me,” Look for a Lawyer who is willing to bet on his or herself.

The Akopyan Law Firm, which operates in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Glendale, and Los Angeles works on a contingency fee basis which means that it is paid fees for its services when it delivers results. When clients hire lawyers on a contingency fee basis they are not required to pay legal fees unless and until their lawyer delivers results.

3.  Are you Comfortable with Them

Once you’ve completed your list of potential Disability Discrimination Lawyers, you may want to start interviewing some of them to find out whether or not you are comfortable with them. At the end of the day your comfort level is important. If you don’t feel like you can trust a lawyer or that they don’t have your best interest at heart, then that’s a major red flag.

The main reason for your search for a “disability discrimination lawyer near me” is to find the right advocate to fight to for your rights, to fight for what you deserve, and to ease your suffering. Do your research and find a good fit.