As the baby boomer generation hit retirement age, the frequency with which employees suffer discrimination in the workplace on the basis of their age increased. Many folks choose to continue working even after they hit retirement age, and there are both state and federal laws which prohibit any discrimination against these employees on the basis of their age. Both state and federal laws provide protection for employees who are 40 years or older. If you believe you have been discriminated against because of your age, you should immediately contact an age discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles ( like the Akopyan Law Firm which serves Burbank, Glendale, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas.

What is Age Discrimination?

In the most general terms age discrimination occurs when an employee suffers an adverse employment action because they are 40 years or older. Age discrimination can come in many forms, such as being denied employment, a raise, or most commonly being wrongfully terminated from work. For employees in California, there are two key statutory frameworks that provide protection: the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

Who is Protected from Age Discrimination in California?

Although these laws provide protection for older workers, it is important to begin the analysis with the recognition of the fact that the age discrimination laws do not apply to every single employer, even though they apply to most. For example, the Fair Employment and Housing Act applies to California employers who have 5 or more employees. So, for example, if your employer has only three employees, then the Fair Employment and Housing Act would not apply to them. The best way to determine which laws apply to a particular situation, and the extent of the specific protections afforded by those laws, is to contact an experienced age discrimination lawyer to analyze the factual underpinnings of the case and identify all potential violations.

Getting Legal Help for Age Discrimination from an Age Discrimination Lawyer In Los Angeles

Prosecuting an age discrimination case can be a daunting endeavor, especially for someone who has never been involved in the lawsuit before (which is often true for most folks). There are many procedural requirements that must be met in order to timely and properly prosecute a case. While one does not necessarily need to hire an age discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles, employees in Los Angeles would be well advised to retain counsel. A good age discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles would in most cases probably increase the overall case value by substantially more than his or her fee. As the old saying goes, it is unwise to be penny wise and pound foolish.

Akopyan Law is Here to Help

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