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New Law Levels Playing Field for Job Applicants
Traditionally the balance of power in the hiring process has tilted in favor of the employer, and against the applicant. After all the employer holds a position of power during negotiations because the employer has – among other things – the power to hire, knowledge of the position’s pay structure, information about the job applicant...
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Can I Get Fired for “Venting” About My Employer on Social Media?
Let’s face it; in today’s world, social media is practically unavoidable. The growing use of social networking websites has changed the way in which people communicate with one another. Unfortunately, this new paradigm can potentially lead to problems in the workplace. Most people do not think of social media as something which is “work related”...
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5 Steps to Follow After a Car Accident
A car accident is a traumatic experience. Even the lucky folks who avoid catastrophic injuries often experience a certain degree of shock. However, what you do in the moments following a car accident is critical. Therefore, it is important to maintain focus, and take steps to protect yourself and your interests: Step 1: Get yourself...
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I Am Tired of Being Mistreated at Work: Can I Quit Then Sue?
Victims of workplace abuse often seek to escape their tormentors by quitting their job. While quitting one’s job to escape a hostile work environment has the obvious advantage of putting an end to the abuse and mistreatment, it does come at a price. The one obvious downside of quitting a job is the loss of...
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Should I Inform My Employer About My Disability?
Far too often employees keep their employer in the dark about the employee’s medical condition or disability. Some folks keep quiet because they value their privacy. These folks don’t want to disclose their health condition to anyone – least of all their employer. Other folks stay silent because they are afraid of being fired or...
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To Complain or Not to Complain – That Is the Question

I frequently receive calls from employees who are being harassed by their supervisors, and simply do not know what to do. Often times these victims of workplace abuse fear that if they go above their boss, and complain to someone higher up the chain of command or perhaps to someone in HR, their boss will…

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